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CAN response to Climate Change Commission draft advice

We welcome the draft advice. It's a good start. And let's …


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Crush carbon emissions two wheels at a time, say cycling advocates

Cycling advocates are calling for the transformation of urban transport, as New Zealand races to cut carbon. The Climate Change Commission will release its initial advice on Sunday 31 January.


“Bikes and e-bikes are perfect for many local trips, but cities must build networks of protected bike lanes to make that possible,” said Patrick Morgan from the Cycling Action Network.


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Cycling advocates are welcoming new advice from the Transport Agency on safe cycling.

"Cyclists hate it when drivers pass too close. That's scary, dangerous and illegal," said Patrick Morgan from Cycling Action Network.

"So it's encouraging to see NZTA Waka Kotahi has updated its advice on what is known as taking the lane. This is where a cyclist moves towards the centre of the lane to avoid hazards or...

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Cycle Wellington, Facebook group  Twitter:@CycleWgtn  Mastodon: @cyclewellington

Hutt Cycle Network, Facebook group  


Clubs and groups
Cycling NZ
PNP, Port Nicholson Poneke Cycling Club,

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January 2021

tbc, Kim Young, Remutaka cycle trail coordinator
31 March, meet Minister Mchael Wood at Parliament 


5 January, BMX tragedy: Family of Auckland teen Kirill Koninin who died from head injury pleads for better helmet use 

5 January, Stuff, Injury rates climb as e-bike popularity grows and lockdown prompts cycling boom  Cycling Action Network spokesman Patrick Morgan said biking...

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Cycling and mountain biking are booming. Despite our name the Walking Access Commission Ara Hīkoi Aotearoa helps negotiate public access for trails for cyclists and especially mountain bikers.
Our job is to build a legacy of public access to the outdoors for everyone in New Zealand - walkers, mountain bikers, anglers, horse riders, landholders, trail runners and more.

Many of New Zealand’s mountain biking and cycling groups are very well organised. They do their own thing and do not need any help. But...

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It all started with small rides to the veggie market years ago. Back then, Erica didn’t see a lot of women on bicycles and was confronted with serious cyclists, well prepared with their cycling clothes, but this wasn’t for her. She wanted to break this stereotype and let people see other types of cyclists by creating an...

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Cycling: your health, the public’s health and the planet’s health

Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Public Health Physician

Presentation for Making Cycling Viable New Zealand Cycling Symposium
Palmerston North 14-15 July 2000

Key issues relating to cycling and health

In 1898, the British Medical Journal reported that: “In France the bicycle has done wonders, as those who remember Paris, Fontainbleau, and the intervening districts thirty years ago can bear witness if they once more revisit that pleasant part of theworld.”
A hundred years later...

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Can you help Julia tell our stories?

From Julia: “Kia ora, do you cycle to work, university or school? Or do you use your bicycle for transport in the city? Yes? I would love to hear from you!

Since I moved to Wellington, the diversity of cyclists sparked a curiosity within me. I’d like to understand how people feel about riding a bicycle in the city, their backgrounds, their reasons, and if those are similar to my hometown Berlin.With this idea, I started to work on a project called “Wellington Love” which portrays cyclists and their stories.


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Plenty at


Bike Space, by Waitangi Park opposite New World
Lyall Bay school pop up pump track, Freyberg St, Lyall Bay
Polhill mtb trail hub, Aro St
Makara Peak mtb park, Karori


Cycle Wellington - local bike advocacy group
Frocks on Bikes

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Here's our letter to 250 NZ bike shop owners, asking for help.

Hello, I'm the project manager at CAN – New Zealand's national charity for people who ride bikes.

Riding a bike is one of the best things in the world, for sport, fun or getting around town. Although this is a challenging time, we've noticed more people riding bikes during lockdown.

I know we share a love of biking. More...

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Bike-curious: A novice’s guide to buying your first e-bike

Courtesy of The Spinoff, May 2018: Last year New Zealand imported a massive 40,000 e-bikes and that number is likely to grow exponentially. But what do you need to know before you buy one? Russell Brown has the lowdown.

Further reading

NZ Electric Bike Review covers more models in greater detail than we can here. You can also follow @ElectricBazza and @ElectricMeg on Twitter.

Consumer NZ also has a periodically updated e-bike guide with reviews and advice.


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Submission in Support of Consent Application for Te Ara Tupua
August 2020

attached as PDF below


This submission strongly endorses the construction of a “seaward side” cycle path from Petone to Ngauranga.
DAST recommends that the Commissioners:
• Note the significant health benefits from increased active transport, including cycling.
• Note that these benefits will only be fully realised if there is a significant modal shift from private motor vehicles to active transport modes.
• Note that this shift...

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In 2021 Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is holding the On the Go Awards in partnership with Cycling Action Network and Living Streets Aotearoa as an opportunity to acknowledge the dedication and contribution of projects that support a healthier, cleaner and safer transport system.

"We would like to thank those who have sent through their nominations for the On the Go Awards 2020. We’ve received all nominations and thank you for the time and effort in compiling these, as well as the energy and innovation put into making active travel a safer and...

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Post Covid-19 insights and learnings

Source: Healthy Streets Lower Hutt

Community want space to move around.

There is nervousness about using public transport which makes active transport more attractive.

Flexible working arrangments will change what “rush hour” looks like and may influencechanging transport modes as new routines are established (both positively and negatively).

People are more familiar with their neighbourhoods, connecting with neighboursand walking/cycling close to home.

People are realiseing the value of what they...

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Do you want safe and attractive cycling in New Zealand? Vote bike.

No matter what kind of riding you are into, now is the time to take action.

The General Election is coming. You can vote from 5 to 19 September..More than 1.5 million people in NZ ride bikes. Let's demand safe and attractive streets.

How you can help

Check your enrolment. 
Vote for the party and candidate who best reflects your views on biking.
Here's a guide to transport policies from each party.


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Cycling advocates say cities need to double down on building bike lanes


Investment in cycling has been welcomed by cycling advocates, but much more is needed.


“People deserve protection. Why are we waiting?” said Cycling Action Network spokesperson, Patrick Morgan.


He says there's no doubt biking is booming.



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Don't you hate it when you have a near miss?

It's unacceptable that our safety is at risk. Some drivers give drivers a bad name.
Councils and the Government have also failed us. They've designed and built a transport system that makes near misses inevitable. It doesn't have to be this way. Protected cycleways, better intersection designs, safe speeds, better training, and enforcement reduce conflict and crashes.

Having cameras on your bike increases you chance of follow up action, although there's no guarantees. This one got...

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submission is attached as PDF

This covers the need to keep cycle lanes and road shoulders claer of road works signs etc.

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27 May 2020
Dear Patrick,

I am following up on the attached letter sent to you earlier this year by Peter Mersi, Secretary for Transport, advising you that the Domestic Transport Costs and Charges (DTCC) Study was about to commence.  Thanks for agreeing to be the Cycling Action NZ contact for the Study.

The focus since that time has been on refining the methodology that will be used for the Study.  This has now been finalised into a detailed Methodology Report - a copy of which is available should you wish to receive it - and the consultant team has now commenced...

May 28, 2020 Patrick READ MORE