Wellington Bike Love




It all started with small rides to the veggie market years ago. Back then, Erica didn’t see a lot of women on bicycles and was confronted with serious cyclists, well prepared with their cycling clothes, but this wasn’t for her. She wanted to break this stereotype and let people see other types of cyclists by creating an image of “You could just cycle around in normal clothes, have a cute looking bike and still be a practical way to get around.” So, she did and the small rides turned into commuting into town every day.

For her, it is not only quicker, she also gets refreshed, energized and with a positive mood to work. Sometimes even rewarded with a beautiful sunrise while cycling along the waterfront. With all its positive aspects, there is also one negative. “The fact that we have to share the road with double-decker busses. I think that is really dangerous,” she mentions. Once a bus overtook her so closely that she got pushed into parked cars.

But this bad experience hasn’t stopped her. Erica still cycles just with more cautions with her bicycle, who she calls a good friend. The cruiser-style bike and the basket in front generate a feeling of riding through the streets of her favorite city Amsterdam instead of Wellington.

[Credit to artist Alfonso Ruiz Pajarito for the mural artwork that served as background.]


Josh & Charlotte,
with Sylvie (hiding in the picture) & George

Instead of being stuck in traffic with the car Josh and Charlotte switched to bicycles with their kids to commute to work and school. “It is better for the environment, cheaper and easier.” says Charlotte, and daughter Sylvie adds “It’s good fun.” Now, it has become a big part of their daily life. 

While they have worked out the best ways to get around, “there is room for improvements regarding infrastructure and awareness of drivers and cyclists.” Josh mentions. “Especially the pathway through Mt. Vic tunnel.” Besides that, cycling in Wellington is fascinating. The greater awareness of the surrounding, noticing the things and happenings along the way gives a feeling of connection to the city. “It is thrilling” as Charlotte describes it. 

A life without bicycles is not imaginable anymore for the whole family.