News: May 2023


Upper Hutt transport strategySubmission guide from Cycling Action Network May 2023Upper Hutt City Council is creating a new transport strategy. This will guide spending and decisions on cycling and other transport projects for the next 10 years. We don’t think it goes far enough to prioritise sustainable transport, or consider land use. Please have your say. Here’s our submission guide. Visit Getting into gear: Improving Upper Hutt's transport network Have a look at Information Sheets - Vision, Challenges, Outcomes, and Focus Areas (732 KB) (pdf)Select “Feedback Form”Q1-8. respond as appropriate Q9. VisionSelect disagreeQ10. YesQ11. The vision has insufficient focus on safety and sustainability. There is no prioritising of competing goals, so it’s difficult to see how the Council can evaluate plans with competing goals. e.g. how to trade off safety vs...

May 30, 2023