About CAN


CAN is New Zealand's national charity of cycling advocates. We work with government, local authorities, businesses and the community on behalf of cyclists, for a better cycling environment.

CAN's goals are to:

  • Promote the benefits of cycling
  • Improve safety for cyclists
  • Encourage the creation of a good cycling environment
  • Advocate for integrated cycle planning
  • Increase the number of cyclists on our roads.

CAN was formed in 1997 as New Zealand's national network of cycling advocate groups. It is the national voice for everyday people on bicycles - recreational, commuter and touring. In 2015 we changed our name from Cycling Advocates' Network to Cycling Action Network and in 2016 we restructured from a national committee to a board with elected and regional members, and an executive team. 

Read CAN's Vision and CAN's policies.

Here are some of the achievements we're proud of.

Meet CAN's board members, executive team, and project manager Patrick Morgan.

CAN has affiliated groups and individual members throughout the country and is a member of the World Cycling Alliance. National, regional and local government authorities, transportation consultancies, and cycle industry businesses are supporting organisations.  A diagram showing the relationships between the components of CAN and its stakeholders is here. CAN currently has more than 5,000 supporters.  CAN's membership structure is here.

CAN works closely with the national advocacy organisation for pedestrians, Living Streets Aotearoa, and has strong links with organisations in the health, sport & recreation, transport, tourism and environmental sectors. CAN also works with CyclingNZ (largely responsible for competitive and recreational cycling).

CAN is an incorporated society (registration number 1139912) and a registered charity (registration number CC36909). CAN's GST number is 84-974-196. We are governed by a set of Rules (Constitution).


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