CAN Updates from Patrick Morgan & Committee Rep, 2021

January 2021

tbc, Kim Young, Remutaka cycle trail coordinator
31 March, meet Minister Mchael Wood at Parliament 


5 January, BMX tragedy: Family of Auckland teen Kirill Koninin who died from head injury pleads for better helmet use 

5 January, Stuff, Injury rates climb as e-bike popularity grows and lockdown prompts cycling boom  Cycling Action Network spokesman Patrick Morgan said biking had boomed in popularity since New Zealand went into lockdown in March, causing a bicycle shortage.


Guven this happening, the government should create some friendly laws that protects all bikers. landscaping columbia sc

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Covid-19 brought about a dramatic increase in bicycle sales in response to the pandemic. Heightened anxiety over public transportation and a surge in exercise has meant that more and more are choosing to use one of the most basic forms of mobility. 



It's wonderful to see that cycling is booming, although it's sad to see that all of these injuries are also occuring.

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There has been a bicycle shortage in my town as well. It seems that the current supply chain issues are exacerbating this problem.

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