CAN is the national voice for people on bicycles in New Zealand.

We link local cycling action groups, partners and supporting organisations with a passion to:

  • Promote integrated cycle planning
  • Promote the benefits of cycling
  • Improve safety
  • Encourage the creation of a good cycling environment
  • Develop cycle advocacy and cycle action

CAN has been New Zealand's network of cycling advocate groups since 1997, providing a national voice for everyday people on bicycles - recreational, commuter and touring. CAN works with government, councils, businesses and individuals, and we welcome YOUR involvement.

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Raising speed limits under the government’s new proposals will cost lives and should be strongly rejected by communities around the country, says...


CAN is celebrating how useful and versatile cargobikes can be. They are the new SUVs; Sustainable Urban Vehicles!

Join in!...


NZ’s Great Integrated Rides
Research Paper
March 2024
Paul Callister and Heidi O’Callahan