By Steve Muir

The idea of the Fossil Fuel Free Coast to Coast to Coast (F3C3) is to have a fun holiday, raise awareness of climate change and encourage the use of active, fossil fuel free transport

We’re particularly interested in journeys that are made regularly and may involve load-carrying, like commuting and shopping.

Our first attempt, limited by bad weather, was in February 2016. This year’s participants were all from ICECycles, a Christchurch group that encourages cycling by fixing bikes and giving them to people on low...

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NZ Bike Expo
CAN is organising our first bike expo in Christchurch, on the 28 & 29 October, at the Air Force Museum of NZ, Wigram.

The Bike Expo will bring together everything to do with the bicycle, in a vibrant and exciting consumer show. Visitors will have opportunities to trial bikes, meet top sports people, learn about new adventures on the Events Programme, and feature prizes and giveaways as well as showcasing a wonderful range of top bike and bike-related brands and retailers.

As a cycling advocacy group we’re very keen to get more people...

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Barcelona in Spain is a city that suffers air pollution, much of it from transport. Reducing dependence on cars for short trips is one way of tackling pollution, so on a visit there I looked at one of Barcelona's tactics in weaning short journeys off the car: Superblocks. Here are some photos from my visit to the Poblenou neighbourhood. 

Above: Called superilles or 'superislands' in Catalan, the concept is that up to nine contiguous blocks are joined together and traffic within these blocks is restricted, as this diagram shows.


Above: The entrance to the...

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How to prevent your bike from being stolen

Even a basic bicycle for travelling between work and home can be expensive, so it's no surprise that bikes are a popular target for thieves.

According to Cyclist UK, there were around 327,000 bike theft incidents reported in England and Wales between April 2015 and March 2016. Make no mistake; bike theft is a big business.

So what are the best ways to help prevent yours from being stolen? Whether it's at home or away, this guide should...

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New Zealand was represented by advocacy body Cycling Action Network at a recent global meeting aimed at promoting cycling to advance the UN's Global Development Goals

Shipra Narang Suri of the UN told the Conference that the world is at an inflection point in development of cities. A majority of the world’s population now lives in built-up areas, so the UN sees that many cities are learning key lessons: Liveability and choice in transport are critical so that cities can function properly and give their citizens a better quality of life. Only carefully, meaningfully planned urbanisation can...

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Each year there's a global get-together for those interested in the promotion of cycling

Transportation experts, mayors, town councillors, advocates for liveable cities, roading engineers, documentary film-makers and of course cycling enthusiasts are among the delegates.

The European Cycling Federation, the peak body for cycling advocacy in Europe, organises the event, VéloCity, and this year it was held in Nijmegen, Holland, a town heralded as ‘the home of cycling’.

This year was the biggest ever, with more than 1,500 delegates, over 260 speakers, 107 sessions in two...

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Ambitious road safety goal welcomed by cycling advocates


Cycling advocates have welcomed a decision by Hamilton City Council to set an ambitious goal for road safety.

"We congratulate Hamilton City Council on adopting a goal of zero deaths from traffic crashes within 10 years,” said Claire Sherrington, Deputy Chair of Cycling Action Network.

The Council has said it is no longer acceptable to have deaths on city streets.”

We think this is a first for New Zealand.”

Until 20 June, the Council's goal was to reduce road deaths over the next...

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Time for traffic speeds that put New Zealanders’ safety firstNZTA is updating the country’s speed-limit setting rule but is unwilling to put New Zealanders' safety first.

Instead NZTA continues to require that speed limits be a compromise between safety and efficiency1

This has resulted in New Zealand having the highest traffic speeds and worst rates of road deaths amongst OECD nations.2

Patrick Morgan of Cycling Action Network says ‘We have been very impressed by the Government’s recent investment in cycle trails and pathways which is getting more Kiwis active...

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Nominations are now open for the 2017 Bike to the Future Awards. The awards, organised by Cycling Action Network (CAN) and the NZ Transport Agency, celebrate the people and projects working tirelessly and innovatively to create a more cycle-friendly New Zealand so that more Kiwis can choose to get about by bike.

CAN spokesperson, Patrick Morgan, says there's no doubt that cycling is on the up.

“Bike sales are increasing, e-bikes are attracting new riders, and cycleways are being built at an unprecedented rate.

“The Bike to the Future Awards...

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Now there’s a mayoral challenge!

Whanganui Mayor Hamish McDouall unveiled his city’s Active Transport Plan today with a challenge to his Palmie counterpart.

'I know my friend Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith champions his city as having aspirations to be the best place to ride a bike in New Zealand', says McDouall.  

'I think every city in New Zealand should rise to this aspiration and push to have the best infrastructure, education and community culture that supports people to get about.  However, being a competitive person, I would love to see Whanganui...

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Nationally iconic Tamaki Drive faces an Auckland Transport re-design which is at once underwhelming and potentially lethal


Bike Auckland have rolled up their sleeves and produced a better option.

Check out BA's blog post with links to how you can help here.

This is important for all kiwis interested in making things better for people on bikes: NZ's largest city has a big influence on the standards our other regions set.

Don't let them away with doing a half-baked job.

Feedback is open til Sunday June 18th.




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Advocates say kids, bike lanes and safety are top priorities for cycling

30 May 2017

It's time to raise the bar for cycling, say advocates.

Cycling Action Network spokesman Patrick Morgan is calling on political parties to lift their game in the run-up to the election.

“Cycling is popular. It's excellent value for money. More people cycling means healthier communities, safer and more attractive cities and towns.”

CAN has released its...

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Prior to the election, CAN set out a prioritised list of actions and goals which we now call on our new Government to implement


The number one priority? Get kids biking to school, of course.

Kids love biking. But it’s a national shame that only 2% of children do cycle to school. Programmes such as Bikesafe (Auckland) and Pedal Ready (Wellington) show that with encouragement and facilities, this trend can be reversed. The timing is right to roll out a national programme. 



Priority 1: Get kids biking to school 

Rototuna High School as featured in Stuff...

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Cycling is the story that keeps giving. News media are invited to contact us any time

Patrick Morgan
CAN – Cycling Action Network
Tel  027-563-4733
@patrickmorgan @CyclingActionNZ

Looking for facts, cyclists in your area, or experts? We can put you in touch with people from all parts of NZ who ride bikes.
We can provide video and still images on request. Here's NZTA's free cycling photo library.
Cycling facts and fiction - mythbusting.

Story ideas
- why is cycling so awesome?
- why is the...

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Did you ride a bike when you were a kid? Do you remember the freedom and fun?


I remember learning to ride a bike at my grandmother's house in Whanganui. I set myself the goal of riding around the house 50 times. I got a growling for making a rut in the lawn, but it was worth it.


Sadly, many New Zealand children miss out on biking. They lose the opportunity to develop fitness, independence, risk management and social skills. They miss out on the fun of exploring their neighbourhood under their own steam.

The Ministry of Transport says that the...

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The NZ Transport Agency's Favourite Places to Ride competition is back for 2017. Nominate your favourite bike rides in New Zealand and help others discover world-class routes that might be in their own back yard.


Go to #nzfaveplaces




Nominations will be open until Wednesday 31 May and the winners will be announced in early June.The categories for this year’s competition are:Urban ride (This category recognises rides around your town or city including new urban cycleways and shared paths)Nga Haerenga...

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Government must move faster to avoid more cyclists dying under trucks

News release from Cycling Action Network

The Government is not moving fast enough to protect New Zealanders say advocates, following a third fatal crash involving a truck and a cyclist in a month.

Five of the last 7 cyclist fatalities involved a truck.

'It's been two and half years since the Cycling Safety Panel recommended 15 high priority actions to make our roads safer,' says Patrick Morgan, spokesman for Cycling Action Network (CAN). 'Action has been too...

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Cycling advocates call for action on making Hawkes Bay roads safer
The death of a cyclist on Brookfields Rd yesterday highlights the need for Councils to make roads safer, say cycling advocates.

"While we don't yet know the causes of this tragic event, we know that roads with shoulders are safer for everyone." says Patrick Morgan, spokesman for Cycling Action Network.

"We call on Hastings District Council to make quick progress on...

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Cantabrians, join Spokes Canterbury for a leisurely ride to see what all the fuss is about around the Heathcote Expressway Cycle

This section of the cycleway is still out for consultation due to protest from property and businesses owners about loss of on-street parking spaces. This is a BIG deal, so come and have a look for yourself, enjoy the ride and have your say in the matter.

We'll make a short detour around Falsgrave/Stevens St to admire a couple of Christchurch's amazing Street Art murals before heading back into the city centre on the...

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Joint submission on draft GPS 2018

For PDF of full statement with references click here.


Bike Auckland and CAN welcome the opportunity to make a submission on the draft Government Policy Statement 2018 and submit the following-



1.  We commend the positive measures in the Statement:

Allocation of funding to support ongoing cycleway investment through raised upper levels allocated to walking & cycling activity class;acknowledgement in section 1 of the rapid recent...

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