Volunteer with CAN


Many of CAN's activities are done by volunteers, both nationally and in our local groups. We need your help to make things happen!


See below for some of the activities you can get involved with, or check out specific roles on our 'Situations Vacant' page. First though, check with your Local Group to see if there's something they'd like you to help out with.


Building relationships



CAN plays a key role in the cycling network in developing and maintaining relationships with other national-level organisations whose activities impact on our goals. These organisations include government agencies such as NZTA and the Police, political parties and MPs, and other cycling and road user groups, such as Living Streets Aotearoa, the AA, Road Transport Forum, Bus & Coach Association.

Volunteer opportunities can include:

  • Coordinating submissions on publicly consulted strategies, programmes, or legislation
  • Meeting with representatives
  • Representation on committees
  • Collaborating with other organisations on campaigns, media releases, etc
  • Drafting letters to external agencies
  • Updating our engagement strategy.

Volunteer & group development

If you have an organising and networking genius, help us develop and support CAN's volunteer networks & local groups, such as:

  • Identifying and encouraging members with various talents useful to CAN
  • Supporting and training members who are keen to help
  • Providing support and advice to local CAN groups
  • Encouraging interaction and sharing of ideas/resources between local groups. 


IT support


We always love IT support! Get in touch if you can help with:

  • Website design, upgrades and ongoing maintenance
  • Any skills in our website's Drupal CMS would be highly valued!
  • Web wordsmithing
  • Email management
  • IT training and user support.


Media communications


CAN's media relations are mostly handled by the CAN Project Manager but volunteers can amplify our message by:

  • Preparing and releasing media releases
  • Arranging press interviews or comment from CAN spokespeople
  • Assisting with the development of CAN's communications strategy (which also encompasses website, publications, etc)
  • Designing and developing resources and materials for CAN campaigns and promotions.


Technical & policy


Many times we can achieve our goals by offering technical advice or contributing to policy debates. If you have specialist skills we are keen to give you a role! Such as:

  • Policy 
  • Cycleway planning 
  • Legal
  • Urban design.


Activities & events


If coordinating CAN activities and events rings your bell, you are most welcome to step forward, such as for CAN's work in:

  • Annual "CAN Do" advocates workshop
  • Annual Cycle-Friendly Awards
  • Biennial 2Walk&Cycle Conference
  • Other CAN/local workshops
  • Various CAN promotions.


Your local group is a great place to start.  Click on your nearest group on this page and you'll see contact details.

To volunteer for CAN directly or for more info, just email or phone-

Patrick Morgan- patrick@can.org.nz or 027 563 4733

Will Andrews- will@can.org.nz or 021 02692724

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