News: August 2012

Aug Join the discussion about how to make cycling part of the new Christchurch...  Cycling in Christchurch was launched at the end of May 2012 to promote, encourage and support cycling as a means of getting from A to B within the greater Christchurch area.    It joins the sister websites Cycling in Auckland and Cycling in Wellington, and all three websites form the Cyclopolitan group.The aim of Cycling in Christchurch is twofold: to grow the number of people using a bicycle to get from A to B by sharing 'on the street' knowledge about cycling, encouraging 'almost cyclists' to take that next step, and providing invaluable guidance to those who are new to cycling for transport,to encourage government to realise the potential for cycling as a key means of transport for Christchurch. Cycling in Christchurch is written by a diverse group of...

August 26, 2012

Who is The Friendly Cyclist?Oh, well hullo there! How do you do?Cycling is a convenient, quick and cheap way to get around Wellington. It frees up road & parking space, is non-polluting and has enormous health benefits.Cycle Aware Wellington has made this stunning and informative series of cycling videos for you - the Wellington cyclist. We do hope you take a moment to view and enjoy the videos.The Friendly Cyclist #56A Intersections  The Friendly Cyclist #414 Passing Stopped Traffic The Friendly Cyclist #600 CourtesyThe Friendly Cyclist #757 'B' is for Bus and Bicycle The Friendly Cyclist #168 Assume the Position The Friendly Cyclist #258 Communication

August 16, 2012