News: July 2018


Give me room - a campaign for a safe passing ruleIntroduce a safe passing rule, to protect people on bikes. A safe passing rule was recommended by the NZ Cycle Safety Panel in 2014. Safe passing rules are common in Europe, the US, and most Australian states. They also protect people on foot, law enforcement and road workers. Why are we waiting?Update 20 May 2020Good news. The Government is planning to introduce a safe passing rule. Thanks for having your say.Take actionSign the petition to Associate Transport Minister, Julie Anne Genter. Give me room - a campaign for a safe passing rule Why is this important? Close passing is intimidating, dangerous and in the worst cases life threatening for people on bikes. The NZ Road Code recommends 1.5m: “Give cyclists plenty of room when passing them. Ideally, allow at least 1.5 metres...

July 19, 2018