News: December 2016


From Adelaide via Bologna and Invercargill to Upper Hutt and beyond, Share the Road has hit the road hard (but safely!) this year, spreading our message of empathy between the biggest and smallest of road users.  We’ve put drivers on bikes and riders in trucks in Auckland, Hawkes Bay, Taupo, Hamilton, Nelson, Hokitika and Dunedin. In 2016 alone, the campaign has personally reached over 1,000 people in the transport industry, but the statistic we’re most proud of is that 93% of workshop participants reported a positive change in their attitudes to sharing the road. This gives us real heart, knowing we’re making a solid contribution to road safety and to the ultimate goal of NZTA and Cycling Action Network (CAN)- making it easier to get more people on bikes more often. What’s the campaign about, again?Our workshops are facilitated by...

December 23, 2016
Will Andrews

A bicycle is always near the top of the Christmas wish list, says Cycling Action Network spokesman Patrick Morgan. This year is no different with TradeMe reporting bikes in the top searches. “Kids of all ages love cycling,” he says. "With new cycle trails now open all over New Zealand, it's going to be a biking hot summer." For those lucky enough to find a bicycle at the foot of the Christmas tree, Mr Morgan has some tips: · Cycling is fun. Having fun is more important than going fast.· Learn about your brakes and how to use them .· Get started with firm tyre pressure.· Be courteous when sharing bike paths with walkers.· Give yourself space - stay out of the car door range. In 2005 a British poll put the bicycle as the favourite invention since 1800, ahead of electricity and the internet. Patrick Morgan says if your bike has been sitting in the garage since last summer holidays, take a...

December 14, 2016

The main route between Picton and Christchurch on State Highway 1 is closed due to substantial slips and road damage following the 14 November earthquake.NZTA advice: The alternate state highway route between Picton and Christchurch is via state highways 7, 65, 6 and 63 via Murchison and Lewis Pass. However, we recommend that cyclists avoid this route and follow the advice below. CYCLISTS TRAVELLING BETWEEN PICTON AND CHRISTCHURCHDue to the combination of increased traffic volumes (in particular large trucks) and a lack of shoulder space on the alternate state highway route via Murchison, Springs Junction and Lewis Pass, we recommend that cyclists avoid using this route as much as possible and consider taking public transport between Blenheim and Springs Junction if heading to the West Coast, or to Christchurch if heading to the East Coast.Alternatively, those who are determined...

December 5, 2016

[photo: "motorbike? eBike? S-Pedelec?" workshop participants debate the status of an electric vehicle] "It's just snowballed" was the introduction from ViaStrada's John Lieswyn, to an NZTA workshop on the regulation of eBikes and other low powered vehicles. I attended (on my eBike, of course) thinking that I was reasonably up to speed, having invested a bit of time in developing CAN's Electric Assist Bicycles policy. But I hadn't really appreciated the range of power assisted transport that is appearing, and the potential headaches that they pose for regulators. What about hoverboards, Segways, e-unicycles, and powered kickscooters, not to mention mobility scooters capable of travelling on motorways? So, what should CAN members be aware of in this burgeoning field of power assisted mobility? The following is a personal perspective, although I've been helped by knowlegable input...

December 1, 2016