News: December 2014


 The original article on "Digital Chainlinks - some attributes" was posted back in July 2014.What follows is a tentative take on how a typical article might look with embedded links etc. It is essentially written in the same style that I would use for a hard-copy Chainlinks. Do we need to change this? Comments VERY Welcome! I've tweaked the first paragraph in response to a suggestion from AlastairMeeting the challenge posed to cycling by ongoing urban sprawl Recent high level planning documents for Christchurch and Auckland continue to propose expanded urban limits as a means of meeting a shortage of affordable housing. Housing crises in the 1950s and 1970s were met by vigorous state house construction in new suburbs on the urban fringes. While higher density in the inner city can encourage cycling and walking, expanded urban limits are invariably car-centric.Urban...

December 29, 2014

Attached are notes for organisers of Go By Bike / Bike to Work Day.These are somewhat dated (2002) but the process is a good one all the same. Technology and Social media undoubtedly make promotion a lot easier.Source: marilyn Northcotte - many thanks.

December 10, 2014

The NZTA Cycle Friendly Awards 2014Winners Gold handed out for NZ's top walking and cycling champions Gold medal Olympian cyclist Sarah Ulmer and Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade Brown tonight recognised New Zealand's top champions for walking and cycling, when the winners of the national walking and cycling awards were announced at the 2WALKandCYCLE 2014 Conference in Nelson. Awards coordinator Dirk de Lu says the Awards celebrate and recognise New Zealand achievements for better walking and cycling by acknowledging innovative new facilities, highlighting national best practise and rewarding ongoing commitment to walking and cycling. Dirk says it bodes well for New Zealand that finalists for the awards came from all over New Zealand. "New Zealand is increasingly recognising the valuable role walking and cycling plays in keeping our communities healthy, green and safe, and this is evident...

December 8, 2014

eBikes (also known as Pedelecs) are bicycles with an electric motor to assist pedalling. A survey of CAN members found that over half the respondents (52%) had considered buying an eBike, and 14% owned an eBike. A frequent reason for buying an eBike included the need to ride up hills  but also a desire to ride faster, have more power to carry loads, and to overcome issues from health or disability. Many members commented that eBikes were a way to attract new cyclists, and provide an alternative to using cars.  "I see eBikes as allowing an extra segment of the population the opportunity to bike where they otherwise wouldn't/couldn't"  "The wider use of e-bikes the better.  Let's get people back on bikes and out of cars"  "e-bikes have huge potential to increase the popularity of cycling in New Zealand"  "they will be the catalyst for tipping cycling back to being acceptable and safe -...

December 5, 2014

Roll On Wellington Awards reward the best of cyclingCaption: James from CAW with the Brooklyn Trail Diggers Chris, Kevin, Craig and AndrewCaption: Patrick Morgan from CAW and David from Bicycle JunctionWellington's mountain bike trailbuilding community has been named as the best of biking in Wellington. And the local cycling community gave a big thumbs up to Go Wellington Buses, Greater Wellington Regional Council, Floyd's Cafe, Moore Wilsons and Bicycle Junction amongst others.Cycle Aware Wellington presented the Roll On Wellington Awards today, showcasing the best and brightest of cycling in the capital.Spokesperson James Burgess says the Brooklyn Trail Builders, Polhill tracks and Floyd's cafe are all popular favourites. "It's great to have such amazing trails so close to the CBD - it really adds to Wellington's outdoor appeal and quality...

December 3, 2014