CAN's Achievements

photo: Hauraki Rail Trail, near Paeroa

CAN's significant achievements, 1997-2017

Advocacy and Leadership

  • Made numerous high quality submissions on legislation, strategies and policies affecting cyclists. These have led to many victories for cyclists.
  • Made a crucial contribution to the establishment of Getting There, NZ's first Walking & Cycling Strategy and helped shape the implementation process.
  • Raised awareness of cycling in the NZ Road Code.
  • Regular representation of cyclists at meetings with key Government Ministers, MPs, Ministry of Transport, NZ Transport Agency, NZ Police, Ministry for the Environment, Ministry of Health and other agencies.
  • Successfully lobbied for the NZ Cycle Trails
  • Successfully lobbied for the consideration of health benefits in the funding of cycling projects.
  • Successfully lobbied for the establishment of Transfund's Cycling Advisory Group.
  • Lobbied successfully for and contributed to NZ Supplement to Austroads 14, the standard design guide for cycle facilities in NZ.
  • Cycling representation on key bodies, including the NZ Transport Agency Research Reference Group.
  • Provide regular comment on request to national media (print, TV, radio) regarding cycling issues, and provided guidance to local members on how to deal with media.
  • Contributed evidence to various Coroner inquests into cycling deaths, including the national inquiry (2011-13)
  • Engaged with other sector groups (eg freight industry, Automobile Association; see Feb 2013 Chainlinks)
  • Represented the interests of cycling at Parliamentary select committee hearings
  • Engaged with a wide range of politicians at national and local levels
  • Represented CAN at international meetings such as VeloCity
  • Represented CAN on research projects such as Minimum Overtaking Gaps, and parking policy


  • Campaigns around cycle safety, national and local elections, and other issues.
  • Stop At Red to reduce crashes and improve the status of cycling in the eyes of the public and policy-makers.
  • Make Cycling Count census campaign
  • Who is the Friendly Cyclist and Cruise the Waterfront campaigns for Cycle Aware Wellington.


  • Developed CAN's magazine ChainLinks (first issued in July 1997) into a widely read and respected source of cycling-related information.
  • Set up the annual CAN Cycle-Friendly Awards which recognise business, NGO and government agency support for cycling. Worked with NZTA in 2016 to relaunch these as Bike to the Future Awards
  • During 2010-2011 with NZTA funding, then BikeNZ and CAN collaborated on road user workshops specifically designed for bus drivers.
  • Continuing on from this work, Cycling New Zealand and CAN successfully applied for Road Safety Trust funding in 2012.  This led to CAN successfully delivering, with Cycling NZ, the Safer Cycling Programme for NZTA, providing cycle instructor training, road user workshops, and Share The Road campaigns.  This work completed in December 2015.
  • Following the release of the Cycling Safety Panel's report late 2015, NZTA undertook to fund further behaviour change programmes focusing on heavy vehicles.  Early in 2016, CAN was awarded further work directly funded by NZTA, the Share The Road Campaign.  This work is ongoing at present.


  • Successfully lobbied for creation of the Urban Cycleways Programme
  • Successfully lobbied for creation of the NZ Transport Agency (then Transfund) dedicated Walking and Cycling Fund.
  • Helped secure the future of and increased funding for Bike Wise. CAN continues to play an active role in Bike Wise as a member of the Bike Wise Advisory Group.



Skills Training

  • Made a major contribution to the development and  delivery of in-service training on cycling issues for transport professionals (the "Fundamentals" course).
  • Developed "Cycle Aware" workshops to help cyclists and other road user groups (Police, bus-drivers, etc) understand each other.
  • Delivered papers and presentations or attended many national and international conferences,
  • Contributed to the development of NZ cycle skills training guidelines, and provided cyclist and instructor training to various local groups around the country via our Bikeability programme.
  • Upskilled advocates with technical, media, networking and presentation skills
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