News: January 2008


Most of my experience as one of the lobbied has of course been as a member of Parliament. But I'm sure the key points to make about lobbying are pretty much universal, whether we're talking about local politicians, local or national government officials, other relevant organisations, or even to some degree the media.Probably the simplest and most useful way to approach the topic is to look at what is good effective lobbying.The first point to make is don't assume that the person you're lobbying knows nearly as much about the subject as you do. And don't assume that some of the words that you may use necessarily mean the same to the people you are lobbying. Words can be slippery creatures, so be sure you are speaking the same language.If I were one of a team of local councillors being lobbied, say, to establish a cycle lane along a certain stretch of road, I'd want information on a whole...

January 9, 2008

Rotorua bosses may have to provide showers and cycle racks and subsidise workers' bus fares if a new transport strategy takes off. Employers will be encouraged to promote alternative transport to reduce the number of cars on local roads. Encouraging cycling, walking and greater use of public transport into the city are among a range of innovative plans the Rotorua District Council has outlined in its Rotorua Transport Demand Management strategy. The council developed the strategy as a requirement of the Land Transport Management Act 2003 which requires regions to contribute to economic development and road safety, improve access and mobility, promote public health and protect the environment.   The council is asking for public feedback on the strategy this month. Rotorua District Council works manager Peter Dine said the council planned to spend $10 million over the next 10...

January 8, 2008