Photographer creates “Wellington Love” – stories about people on bikes

Can you help Julia tell our stories?

From Julia: “Kia ora, do you cycle to work, university or school? Or do you use your bicycle for transport in the city? Yes? I would love to hear from you!

Since I moved to Wellington, the diversity of cyclists sparked a curiosity within me. I’d like to understand how people feel about riding a bicycle in the city, their backgrounds, their reasons, and if those are similar to my hometown Berlin.With this idea, I started to work on a project called “Wellington Love” which portrays cyclists and their stories.

I am currently looking for people who enjoy cycling in the city, happy to be in a photo and answer a few questions. All of this only takes 10-15 minutes.

Please get in touch with me via mail
That would be absolutely amazing. Thank you.”


Great work Julia. This will surely make an impact on the society not just for those who ride their bicycles. Sharing their stories as cyclist will allow us to understand and respect others more. Continue your platform and good luck!

Aweee! This is awesome. Hope to share my bike stories too. Realty Partner

Brightest Mountain Bike Light

Hello, Julia! I bike to work since the pandemic came. Cycling really change my perspective and i noticed changes in my mood. Exercises like cycling releases endorphins, which in turn help me feel better while lowering stress levels. I feel more confident and content once i make cycling a regular part of my life. :)

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Same feeling when I started to use bicycle, after the pandemic started, the group of cyclist started to get bigger. For me, my reasons why I choose to ride bicycle because It will prevent me to ride along with many people especially now that we're having a pandemic, and second is, I work at Baltimore MD roof repair, and is not too far from my home. Now, cycling is part of my daily routine now.