News: January 2013


One is the synergism .The data shows ,red Chain Corporation stores in the past 3 years grew 60% ,total 427 new stores opened wholesale bridal dress bag ,the annual number of 142 new stores .New stores will become the company operating income and the main source of profit growth . The company opened new stores in general practice after 6 to 12 months to achieve break-even ,opened second years after the plateau effect reaches mature shop about 60%, are generally Prom dresses 2013 profitable short one shoulder prom dresses 2013 and can compensate for Cheap wedding dresses the loss of party dresses business after first years ,after third years of Ping Cheap Wedding dresses effect reaches mature stores more than 70%, usually in 2013 Wedding dresses the opening 3 years later could reach maturity shop ping . Two is the strength .Red chain according to the prospectus ,and Wedding dresses...

January 31, 2013