News: May 2024


CAN is celebrating how useful and versatile cargobikes can be. They are the new SUVs; Sustainable Urban Vehicles!Join in!Sharing your pictures of hauling big or odd loads and passengers, and use the hashtags: #maxQuaxing #cargobikes #quaxing.You can also make your own comic style posts by downloading stickers for your posts here.Maxquaxing for everyone‘Quaxing’ is shopping by bike or public transport - a term that originated here in Aotearoa. Maxquaxing is carrying big loads, odd loads, passengers, trailer-fulls, and generally showing how you don’t necessarily need an outsized motor vehicle for a lot more journeys than many people might assume!Loads of folks already make the most of their bikes, trikes, trailers, and cargobikes and more for carrying heaps. This is what we hope to illustrate with this campaign.It makes sense to encourage the creativity,...

May 22, 2024