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About CAN

Bike commuter tips
Biking 101 - More tips for commuters
Biking 102 – tips for experienced cyclists to share with new cyclists
Mythbuster: Utility Cycling Gear
Overcoming Excuses
Bikes and Buses
BUGS - Bicycle User Groups

Chainlinks magazine
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Critical Mass
Cycle-Friendly Awards
Cycle Friendly Workplace
Cycle parking
Cycle skills training
Cycle touring
Cycling Blogs - Top 50

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How to not get hit by cars

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Letters to the Editor guide
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Local group fund application form

Media guide - a guide for news media
Media kit
Media releases

Near miss action guide
New group starter kit
New Zealand Cycling Conference 2009

New Zealand Cycling Conference - archives

Opportunities for Regional Co-operation

Papers and presentations
Police Workshop Resource Kit - "Being Cycle Aware"

Research articles
Road Rules

Safety tips for cyclists and motorists
Safety tips for cyclists, truck and bus drivers
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Speed Limits - implementing slower speeds
- 2009 calendar of LTCCP submissions
- A Councillor's Perspective on Verbal Submissions
- CAN submissions
- Creating Effective Submissions
- Presenting Submissions in Person
- Toolkit for submissions to Local Government Plans
- Why invest in cycling?


Technical articles
Training - Planning & Design for Cycling
Tutorial on using this website

Vision and Mission
Volunteers: finding and keeping