Here's our letter to 250 NZ bike shop owners, asking for help.

Hello, I'm the project manager at CAN – New Zealand's national charity for people who ride bikes.

Riding a bike is one of the best things in the world, for sport, fun or getting around town. Although this is a challenging time, we've noticed more people riding bikes during lockdown.

I know we share a love of biking. More and more people are buying and riding bikes. But we're facing headwinds, and I want to know if you will help us get more people on bikes.

Will you contribute $300 today to help us fight for better biking?

What needs fixing?

- Only 2 percent of kids bike to school. We can do much better. We owe it to our children to give them the joy and freedom of biking. CAN works with bike advocates, the Bike On NZ Charitable Trust, and Bike Ready instructors to get more kids on bikes. We work with Councils to build safe routes to schools and around our neighbourhoods.

- Build more bike lanes. We've won more investment from Government, but Councils are struggling to build bike lanes. Bike advocates throughout New Zealand are leading the fight for bike lanes and safe streets. We can achieve much more with your support.

- Safer driving. Some drivers don't give us enough room on the road. That's scary and dangerous. It puts people off cycling. CAN runs a Give Me Room campaign for a safe passing law.

- Bikelash (backlash against cycling) is a headwind for cycling. CAN constantly speaks up in news media and social media for better biking. Please help us achieve more.

CAN is a tireless voice for cycling. Since 1997, we've been busy making our case to MPs, councillors, NZTA, and the public. We talk to news media, support the bike community, run events, and win campaigns. Here's our achievements. Our mission is to get more people on bikes, more often.

CAN has run 325 Share the Road workshops for 4,700 drivers and cyclists helping them to understand each other and get on well on the road. CAN has delivered 40 public events educating over 5,000 people about the safety issues around riding bicycles near heavy vehicles.

CAN volunteers are dedicated people who are working hard to make biking better.

Your support is crucial in ensuring CAN is effective. Will you help by contributing $300 today?

Thank you for all you do for better biking. Get in touch with me any time.

Patrick Morgan - CAN

Patrick Morgan
Cycling Action Network tel 027 563 4733
Find us on Facebook Twitter: @patrickmorgan @CyclingActionNZ Instagram cyclingactionnetwork

CAN is a registered charity so donations are tax-deductible.

Make a bank transfer today – pay Cycling Action Network at Kiwibank 38-9005-0922435-01. Use Donation as your reference. If you prefer, I can send you an invoice.

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