Here at Cycling Action Network, I am proud of our volunteers and the work we do every day. We’ve achieved a lot. None of this is possible without the generous support of supporters and donors such as yourself. Thank you.

From campaigning for a safe passing rule to speaking up for better biking, we work hard to stand up for your rights. But bikelash is real. There’s so much more we can do. That’s why we’re aiming to raise $10,000 in four weeks for our advocacy work....

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What is Reshaping Streets?

The Minister of Transport is proposing a set of regulatory changes to make it easier for councils to make street changes that support public transport, active travel and placemaking. These proposals would enable local authorities to make street changes more efficiently and provide new ways for communities to be involved in changes that affect them.

The proposed regulatory changes include:

• a new ‘Street Layouts’ land transport rule for Councils to use for changing street layouts, piloting street...

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It was wonderful to see thousands of people turn out on Saturday morning to attend the opening of Ngā Hau Māngere, the new Māngere Bridge.

A mix of young and old, locals and visitors, walkers and cyclists, and even a local seal joined the celebrations.

The bridge will be a new connection between the communities of Māngere and Onehunga, and a vital part of the safe, connected walking and cycling network we are building in many towns and cities.

With a lovely wide path, gentle slope, and places to stop for a chat or to fish, Nga Hau Māngere is a massive win...

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Presentation notes
Patrick Morgan
@patrickmorgan @CyclingActionNZ
Cycling Action Network

Today we're looking at How we can shift the current culture in Aotearoa away from car ownership and towards other modes such as active travel (walking and cycling) and public transport.

The committee will consider:

How car ownership is currently serving New Zealanders i.e., why do people own cars

How we can make other modes more accessible, affordable, and available to New Zealanders

For those who are car-...

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Time to take climate action has never been more pressing. Our politicians seem to be hesitant to make the change needed

Vote Climate is about encouraging politicians to make the decisions that need to be made

CAN is part of a growing coalition covering workers, public transport, walking, cycling, and climate action groups. We want candidates in the upcoming local body elections to sign up to a set of straight-forward, but far-reaching commitments

We're asking local government candidates to sign up to:...

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Welcome to the 10th birthday edition of ChainLinks.
I attended the first day of CAN Do in Wellington. Wellington displayed fabulous
weather on Saturday – it reminded me why I live in sunny Christchurch. I was very
impressed by the people who arrived by bike in THAT weather. The atmosphere
among the attendees was great – even for a not-that-serious cyclist.
I found it a mixture of fun and learning. The presentations and discussions covered
all sorts of stuff. See page 19 for more details. Fiona Whero and Simon Kennett and
others did a...

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SH56 Palmerston North to Ōpiki speed review 14 June 2022

Cycling Action Network strongly supports setting speed limits that increase safety on SH56. Under The Road to Zero strategy, deaths and injuries are unacceptable, and avoidable.

The high crash rate demonstrates that current speeds are too high. 80 kmh is preferred, with 50 kmh for Longburn and Ōpiki. Lower speed limts need to be accompanied by design changes that indicate to road users...

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Please consider letting us make things safe enough that people we love stop getting killed

[Republished with the kind permission of David Slack, from More than a Feilding newsletter, 7 April 2022]

Another half second and she might have been dead, our daughter. How would the news story have described it? Probably: a young woman cyclist died today in the CBD in a collision with a tow truck.

Instead there was just a broken bike, and half a second made all the difference.

There was a tow truck, belting through the streets the way they do at haulaway rush hour....

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Patrick Morgan, Project Manager, Cycling Action Network
What a year! While Covid has forced us all to adapt, I'm proud of what CAN has achieved in the past year.

Thanks to everyone at CAN for your time, energy and passion. I'm impressed with your commitment to serve your community by fighting for better biking. You inspire me. Together, we're stronger and more effective.

As CAN's project manager, it's my job to
- support your advocacy,
- make the case for cycling in social and mainstream media
- build relationships and influence with decision makers in...

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Cyclists need to make sure they are well lit through the winter months, says the Cycling Action Network.

"The onset of shorter days means it's time for cyclists to check their lights and batteries," says CAN spokesperson Patrick Morgan.

"Lights, reflectors and high-visibility riding gear make you easier to see."

"Cycling offers the ultimate trip: it's a fast and convenient way to get around, while improving your health at the same time."

"Our message to people is to get out there and enjoy the ride, and to remember to use lights whenever visibility is poor."...

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Invest in biking as fuel prices rise, say cyclists
Cycling advocates say it has never been more urgent for government and business to invest in biking. As petrol crosses the $3 mark, people desperately need alternatives to driving.

Cycling Action Network (CAN) spokesman Patrick Morgan says councils, the Government and workplaces need to shift up a gear to soften the impacts of high fuel prices.

“Let's double-down on biking to ease pain at the pump.”

“People love the freedom and convenience of riding bikes, but they need safe and convenient bike...

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Bike Auckland invites Auckland’s wider community to join us in a ride of respect for Levi James.This is an opportunity for the community to find a sense of closure and support in the wake of last Saturday's tragedy. Attendees may wish to bring flowers or other items they find appropriate to leave as a memorial, and we will provide a space to share a few words.We invite all those who wish to participate to meet at 11am, Saturday 12 March, in Cornwall Park, Royal Oak; on the grass area between Olive Grove and Haydn Ave.We will ride as a group through Cornwall Park before returning to Manukau...

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CAN Annual General Meeting notification
6 April 2022, 7:30 - 9pm

We need your help. There's never been a better time to get involved in bike advocacy.
- We need safe streets, but our cities have been far too slow to protect us.
- Bike lanes are climate action
- Bike tourism and e-bikes are booming. How can we help get more people on bikes?
- How do we share our love our cycling with kids and young people?
- Why are we waiting so long for a Safe Passing Gap law?

Save the date and join us at our AGM. Join us online at:...

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This is often an issue when a city first gets going with wanting to detect bicycles at traffic signals. There are a lot of cogs that need to be aligned for the system to work reliably:

The designers need to know what kind of loops to specify. Often, they need a larger offset to adjacent lanes so that they can be tuned with high enough sensitivity to reliably pick up bicycles without detecting cars in adjacent lanes.You’d use different loops for shared traffic lanes than those you’d specify for exclusive cycling infrastructure.Next, the contractors need to know a thing or...

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We must drive less, say cycling advocates
Cycling advocates say  the new Road to Zero campaign has the right vision and a good strategy, but there's a gap. "Human mistakes are always possible, but no one should be killed or seriously injured as a result," said Patrick Morgan, from Cycling Action Network. "The Road to Zero strategy includes safer speeds, vehicles, roads, and driving and riding." "But there's a gap. It should also have a goal for less driving. Unless we reduce VKT (vehicle km travelled) we can't achieve our safety and carbon...

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Be our tailwind - support bike action

Patrick Morgan here. I'm the project manager at CAN - Cycling Action Network – New Zealand's national charity for people who ride bikes.

I believe riding a bike is one of the best things in the world, for sport, fun or getting around town. Although this is a challenging time, we've seen more people riding bikes for fun, convenience and exercise.

I know we share a love of biking. More and more people are buying and riding bikes. But we're facing headwinds and bikelash, and I want to know if you will help us...

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Riverlink is a large project in central Lower Hutt to:
• Widen the Hutt River channel to prevent flooding
• Build a grade separated interchange at Melling, and build a new road bridge over the widened river
• “Turn the CDB towards the River” – an opportunity for a significant urban revitalisation to bring the city and the river into alignment

The project is estimated to cost over $700 million and will lead to the demolition of a substantial number of private businesses and houses.

Riverlink is a transformational...

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Patrick Morgan here. I'm the project manager at CAN - Cycling Action Network – New Zealand's national charity for people who ride bikes.

Riding a bike is one of the best things in the world, for sport, fun or getting around town. Although this is a challenging time, we've noticed more people riding bikes for fun, convenience and exercise.

I know we share a love of biking. More and more people are buying and riding bikes. But we're facing headwinds, and I want to know if you will help us get more people on bikes.

Will you contribute $50 today to help us...

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Boost climate action with e-bike discounts, say cycling advocates

Cycling advocates are calling for the Government to take climate action by providing discounts on the purchase price of e-bikes.

Today the Government released carbon-cutting ideas to the public, These include funding for e-bike share schemes.

Cycling advocates say these ideas don't go nearly far enough to address climate change.

“New Zealand is...

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Refer: Submission on proposed changes to learner and restricted driver licences Cycling Action Network – Submission, 8 October 2021
CAN (Cycling Action Network) is New Zealand's national network of cycling advocates. We work with government, local authorities, businesses and the community on behalf of cyclists, for a better cycling environment. We've been around a long time. We speak for more than a million people in New Zealand who love riding bikes...

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