News: January 2020


By Sarah BennettOPINION: Talk about right time, right place. Former prime minister John Key is at a job summit early in 2009 when an attendee bends his ear about the potential of recreational cycle trails.Nek minnit, there's $50 million government bucks in the bank to build a continuous cycleway running the length of the country.And so Sir John's name will forever be synonymous with one of the most significant recreational assets created in New Zealand in my lifetime.Not so well known are names like Rod Peirce, Phil Rossiter and Glyn Wooller, all of whom had new shared-use trails in their sights well before a national cycleway was mooted. By the end of 2012, the first ten Great Rides of the New Zealand Cycle Trail (NZCT) were open to riders. There are now 22, spread throughout the country from Northland to Southland. So what happened to the idea...

January 14, 2020