CAN is celebrating how useful and versatile cargobikes can be. They are the new SUVs; Sustainable Urban Vehicles!

Join in!

Sharing your pictures of hauling big or odd loads and passengers, and use the hashtags: #maxQuaxing #cargobikes #quaxing.

You can also make your own comic style posts by downloading stickers for your posts here.

Maxquaxing for everyone

‘Quaxing’ is shopping by bike or public transport - a term that originated here in Aotearoa. Maxquaxing is carrying big loads, odd loads, passengers, trailer-fulls, and...

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NZ’s Great Integrated Rides
Research Paper
March 2024
Paul Callister and Heidi O’Callahan

Aotearoa New Zealand has a superb network of cycle trails. Travelling to these by train is a way to experience the best of Aotearoa’s natural beauty, enjoy some healthy recreation, and to do so in style, while feeling good about your carbon choices. Other trails can potentially be reached by coach, and combining coach and train can open up another raft of holiday options.

Trains, supported by coach travel where trains...

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The Government's transport plans for Wellington are a hodgepodge of failed ideas from the 1960s, say cycling advocates.  "Everyone, except the Government, knows you simply can't build your way out of congestion," says Patrick Morgan.  "Extra car tunnels would attract more traffic, jamming up Wellington streets, adding pollution and danger. It's the opposite of what Wellington needs.  It's a slap in the face for Wellington people, who have consistently voted for better public transport, cycling, walking, and affordable housing." He says it's embarrassing that the new Government is dusting off...

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Have you ever had a hard conversation with someone about bike lanes? How did it go?

I've learned a few things over the course of our bike advocacy work. Try these ideas.

1. Listen. Try to understand the other person's point of view, even if it seems illogical or wrong. Jumping in with facts e.g. rarely works if someone feels disrespected or unheard.

2. Respect their experience. Everyone has their own lens through which they view the world. They may not have experienced the joy and convenience of biking, or maybe they had...

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The Draft GPS on Transport 2024

Cycling Action Network Submission

2 April 2024


CAN welcomes any opportunity to make an oral submission on this consultation. Please email: 


Cycling Action Network (CAN) is grateful for the opportunity to provide feedback to the draft 2024 Government Policy Statement for Transport (GPS). We trust that our input will help direct the Government's ambitions for a safe and sustainable transportation system for Aotearoa.


The draft GPS heralds a significant deterioration in the...

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Submissions for feedback on the disastrous Draft Government Policy Statement on Transport close at noon (12.00pm), Tuesday 2 April 2024 – the day after Easter Monday. There is much to dislike about this proposal. In short, it signals a drastic turn away from active and public transport and rail, and a frenzy of road building - exactly the kind of infrastructure that we apparently can’t even afford to keep well maintained!

CAN supports Transport For All, a new coalition of transport and climate advocacy groups, including: All Aboard Aotearoa, Climate Club, Free Fares...

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Statement on Reductions in Government Expenditure on Cycling
from Doctors for Active, Safe Transport

Every day as a doctor I see the urgent health need that is putting intense and increasing pressure on our
health system. It’s cancer, it’s heart disease, it’s diabetes and all their awful complications.

Unless we do much more to keep people well we will be overwhelmed.

There is a huge amount of evidence that one of the very best ways to keep people well is get more
people cycling and walking.

And it’s also...

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Let's save public transport, walking and cycling.
Join us at Parliament at 5-6 pm on Tuesday 19 March to demand transport for life.

The Government's draft transport plan locks us into car dependency. That means more traffic jams, higher costs, pollution, and more traffic deaths. You can't build your way out of congestion.

We deserve modern transport that makes it easy and affordable to get around by walking, cycling, public transport, and driving. Transport that keeps people safe, supports wellbeing, and doesn't cost the earth.

We'll have...

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Each region of New Zealand is required to maintain a 10-year transport plan, called the Regional Land Transport Plan or RLTP. These cover all aspects of transport planning and spending – walking, cycling, public transport – and oh yes, road construction and maintencance (nearly forgot).

Most councils undertake a lot of public engagement and consulting, although the way they do this varies around the country. In one extreme, you’re just dumped into a baffling 100+ page document and have to do your best; in the other, there’s a friendly questionaire with simple options to...

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Cycling advocates are deeply concerned about the Government's draft transport plans, released today.

"Instead of getting New Zealand back on track, they are taking us on a road to nowhere," said Cycling Action Network spokesman, Patrick Morgan.

“Cutting investment in cycling, walking and public transport is unacceptable. That would cost lives, damage health, deepen the climate crisis, and harm our communities.”

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that you can't build you way out of congestion. Wasting billions on highways means that urgently needed transport...

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A Wellington classic: around the bays
By Patrick Morgan
Enjoy a relaxing guided bike tour from Tākina to Evans Bay. Return on new bike lanes in Kilbirnie, Newtown, and Cambridge Tce.
This tour is designed for people attending the To Walk and Cycle conference. in March 2024. We'll cover around 15km over two hours. It's a flat ride suitable for manual and e-bikes, with one 60 metre hill to Newtown.

We'll start at BikeSpace by Te Papa at 1pm on 19 March. We'll experience parts of Wellington's fast-build bike network, Waka Kotahi's Cobham...

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Government must do more to protect school children from traffic danger, say cycling advocates

As children head back to school next week, cycling advocates are calling on the Government to protect them from traffic danger.

“To protect our children, traffic speeds near schools must come down,” said Cycling Action Network spokesman Patrick Morgan.

“The new school year is the perfect time for the Government to put safety first....

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Cycling action is essential to our climate goals

Robert McLachlan

The heart of Aotearoa’s climate action is the system of carbon budgets and emission reduction plans. We are now halfway through the first budget period, which runs from 2022 to 2025. Planning is well underway for the second (2026-2030) and third (2031-2035) budgets. Decisions about the kinds of infrastructure to build...

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Trans rights are human rights, say cycling advocates
Cycling Action Network (CAN) has issued a statement in support of trans women.
"Everyone has the right to participate in cycling and to be treated with respect and empathy," says CAN project manager Patrick Morgan. "Transgender people can take part in sports in the gender they identify with."
In New Zealand it is unlawful to discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation or sex, including their gender identity, gender expression, or sex characteristics.

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Let's organise and mobilise

The change of Government means we will likely face some extra challenging headwinds. The coalition agreement signed by National and New Zealand First includes "reduce expenditure on cycleways."

That's unacceptable. As we all face serious public health, safety, climate, and transport problems, we know that cycling offers compelling benefits in these areas.

If there is in fact less going to be spent on cycleways, I am curious how else this Government intends to deliver a truly safe and inclusive active travel environment on New Zealand...

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'Outrageous' stalling on sustainable transport projects
(source, RNZ News, 5 November 2023)

More cycleways, like this one in Wellington, are urgently needed, says Cycling Action Network spokesperson Patrick Morgan. Photo: RNZ / Bill Hickman

Cycling and walking advocates are dismayed the transport agency has stopped funding projects to encourage walking, cycling and using public transport.

Waka Kotahi said it was pressing pause on projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars,...

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Here's my abstract for a workshop at 2WalkAndCycle conference, 19 March 2024

Patrick Morgan, Cycling Action Network

We face huge opportunities to build a better world, where everyone gets a fair go, and our communities are strong and resilient. Better transport choices are an essential tool as we race to decarbonise our towns and cities, enable affordable mobility, and tackle inequality....

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From CAN Chair, Alex Dyer

It is amazing to me that we have a situation in politics where some parties - who like to promote values of individual responsibility, personal freedom, local decision making, market-based economics, trading schemes, and other hands-off, government-lite strategies - are also suggesting the nation needs to defend against an ‘anti-car ideology’. 

This frames cars as some kind of universally desired, intrinsically essential component of every New Zealander’s life. An item that needs to be heavily subsidised by our collective behaviour,...

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On Car-free Day, 22 September, cycling advocates call for an end to car dependency

News release from Cycling Action Network, September 2023

As record fuel prices put pressure on household budgets, cycling advocates are calling for better solutions.

We must end car dependency, said Cycling Action Network spokesperson, Patrick Morgan.

“Decades of poor transport and...

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Do you want safe and attractive cycling in New Zealand? Vote bike.

No matter what kind of riding you are into, now is the time to take action.

The General Election is coming. Election Day is Saturday 14 October. You can vote early if you prefer. Advance voting starts on Monday 2 October.
More than 1.5 million people in NZ ride bikes. Let's demand safe and attractive streets.

How you can help

Check your enrolment. 
Vote for the party and candidate who best reflects your views on biking....

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