2020 Advocacy - a clear vision for successful campaigns

2020 advocacy - a clear vision for successful campaigns

Presentation notes from 2WALKandCYCLE 2021, Dunedin

Activity: Say hello to person next to you, ask them for one thing they would like to change about cycling in their town or city, then introduce them to the group.

Key points
- Technical vs adaptive change (pen on moon vs fix racism)
- What does success look like? (decribe your vision)
- Messaging and framing – sell the cake, not the ingredients
- Why should I care? What is your burning platform? Making a compelling case for change.
- Organising – building the movement (recruiting, database, engagement)
- Mobilising – taking action (off er a range of actions – sign petition, join a demo, talk to Councillors, organise a campaign)
- Building social licence for change (smoke-free bars and restaurants)

For twenty years at Cycling Action Network, Patrick Morgan has worked with members, supporters, decision makers and the wider community to make New Zealand better for cycling. We've had some big wins (NZ Cycle Trails, and the Urban Cycleways Programme) but there are still too many headwinds.

His job includes serving CAN's members, creating strategy, building relationships, leading campaigns, organising events, getting messages into social and traditional media, and building CAN's organisation.

This presentation includes these themes

- Bringing communities along for the ride. Public engagement success stories; engagement tools; online mapping; surveys; normalising walking and cycling (culture change).
- Safety. Working towards Vision Zero.Benefits of safety interventions; speed management/reduction; safety perceptions; aligning promotion with safety.

- Mode shift. Travel demand management; travel behaviour change; travel planning; education and encouragement initiatives.


We face huge opportunities to build a better world, where everyone gets a fair go and our communities are strong and resilient. Better transport is an essential factor in that vision.

Successful campaigns require a clear vision and a map of how to get there.
Changing how we use our streets is more than a technical problem. It is also a people problem.
How can we apply our skills and experiences to make New Zealand better for walking and biking?

In this 15-minute workshop, you will learn how to plan and deliver successful campaigns, using digital and in real life tools.


How to Talk About Urban Mobility and Transport Shift: A Short Guide
Written by Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw, Dr Rebecca Gray, Marianne Elliott


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