Cycling Media Centre

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Patrick Morgan
CAN – Cycling Action Network
Tel  027-563-4733
@patrickmorgan @CyclingActionNZ

Looking for facts, cyclists in your area, or experts? We can put you in touch with people from all parts of NZ who ride bikes.
We can provide video and still images on request. Here's NZTA's free cycling photo library.
Cycling facts and fiction - mythbusting.

Story ideas
- why are cyclists the happiest commuters?
- why is cycling so awesome?
- why is the Government investing in cycling?
- what's the deal with a cycling and walking bridge over Waitemata harbour?
- can cycling really reduce your heart attack risk by 50 percent?
- what about e-bikes? E-scooters? Micromobility?
- what about dockless public share bikes? How are cities dealing with public bike share?
- how do we make cycling even safer?
- how do we get more kids on bikes? Hint: Bikes in Schools
- what are best places to ride?
- what is the Dutch Reach?
- bike bells: annoying noise or essential accessory?
- is NZ's cycle helmet law working?
- what the hell is going on in Island Bay / Onehunga / Dunedin?