Ash Holwell, Aaron Edwards (WDC Councillor), Robin Rawson (NRC?) and Paul Doherty attended the CAN Do in Auckland last weekend.

AWESOME hospitality thanks to the Cycle Action Auckland friends!  I have NEVER eaten so well.

And a room full of people donating their time and energy so willingly to make Aotearoa New Zealand a better place to cycle - kia ora koutou!

There will be a summary to follow - but mainly "CONGRATULATIONS!!!" to Ash from WhareBike who is now on the CAN National committee - bringing light and life!  Well done Ash!

Loved the logo from Bike Taupo -...

April 17, 2013 Paul Doherty READ MORE

Monday 1 April, Easter Monday



Draft news release about bike lights, get comments from CAN people and UK's CTC, finalise and send.


Invite people to create and upload 30 second video introductionAdd new registrationsCoordinate post CAN Do ridePhone with Barb Insull re CAN Do logistics, speakers, programme, registrationsMeet with CAN volunteer on tidying up CAN Do programmeUpdate CAN achievements list. Insert subheadings

Draft CAN text for Brake's Road Safety Week campaign in May

Update Facebook and...

April 9, 2013 Patrick READ MORE

Cyclists need to make sure they are well lit as daylight saving ends, say the Cycling Advocates Network.

But those using super-bright LED lights should avoid dazzling other road users.

"Flashing super-bright bike lights can be a distraction, so keep them aimed low," says CAN spokesperson Patrick Morgan.

The end of daylight saving on Sunday 7 April means it's time for cyclists to check their lights and batteries, says Mr Morgan.

"Some may be caught out by earlier evening twilight, so we all need to be extra careful."

"Cycling offers the ultimate trip: it's a...

April 2, 2013 Patrick READ MORE

Front room upstairs at the LIbrary Bar, 6-7:30pm, Courtenay Place. 

1. Introductions

2. Report back from Let's Go model community expo

3. Bus/Bike workshops

4. Frocks proposal for Vienna

5. CAW's submission on local government reform

6. WCC draft annual plan submission - issues to include (another to-do list and an update on the old one?)

7. Assisting WCC with cycle lights campaign

8. Restorative justice meeting

9. Bike On comes to Wellington

10. Plan for AGM next month

11. Rants and raves

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by Jenny Marshall

Cycling blogs are a growing phenomenom that arguably started with the rise of blogs such as Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize.


For those that have not come across blogs before, blogs are a type of website where ‘bloggers' write regular articles or ‘posts' on a particular subject of interest. The strength of blogs is that they enable anybody to: voice their opinions, thoughts, and concerns; start a conversation on any particular topic; and have their posts read and commented on by anyone around the world. Whereas in the past only ‘official' channels and...

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From Aideen Larkin [] of NZTA:

"NZTA is about to start more improvements at Ngauranga to keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely, particularly during the evening peak.
Works will begin in early February and involve improvements to the State Highway 2 (SH2) northbound on-ramp at Ngauranga to improve traffic flow and safety. This is the merge point where traffic travelling from Ngauranga towards Petone merges with SH2 just north of the Ngauranga Interchange. The work is part of stage 1 of the NZTA's Ngauranga to Aotea Quay project. These works include...

February 5, 2013 AlastairS READ MORE

Better by bike

Life is better by bike, is the message at this year's annual celebration of cycling, Go By Bike Day, 13 February.

"Biking is booming in Wellington," says Cycle Aware Wellington spokesperson Patrick Morgan. "Since 2006 the number of people commuting by bikes has doubled."

He says people are rediscovering the simplicity and convenience of getting about by bike.

"There's a new wave of people riding chic European-styled bikes, fixies, cargo bikes and electric-assist bikes."

He says a special guest at this year's event is a city bus...

February 5, 2013 Patrick READ MORE

by Liz Mikkelson

Our trip through America (San Francisco and Boston), the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany and Italy lasted three and a half months. We took bikes as an alternative to using buses and taxis to get around at each of our destinations. Being in our seventies, we knew that sightseeing would tire us out in no time if we had to walk everywhere. It quickly became clear that we would need to purchase folding bikes, as ordinary bikes could not always be accommodated on trains and buses.

Facilities for bikes varied across the trains. Commuter trains had dedicated...

February 2, 2013 stephenw READ MORE

By Alastair Smith

On the Pacific Rim there is a country where a government initiative has resulted in a network of off road cycle paths spanning the country. New Zealand's Nga Haerenga? Well maybe some time in the future, but now this describes South Korea.

When you think of South Korea, you're more likely to think of hi-tech industries and the bustling Asian Tiger cities, rather than cycling facilities. So it was something of a revelation to me on a recent cycle touring trip to South Korea to discover a network of off road cycle paths spreading across the country that...

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by Julie Norris

The Taupo Cycling Summit is a forum initiated by the Taupo District Council and Bike Taupo. Held on 20 September, it was a chance for organisations with an interest in cycling in the Taupo district to get to know each other by explaining who they are, their current situation, potential growth opportunities, and their vision for cycling in Taupo. Representatives from the Taupo District Council, Destination Great Lake Taupo, the New Zealand Cycle Trail, Bike Taupo Advocacy Group, Department of Conservation, Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, Dirt Jump Bike Club, Bike...

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One is the synergism .The data shows ,red Chain Corporation stores in the past 3 years grew 60% ,total 427 new stores opened wholesale bridal dress bag ,the annual number of 142 new stores .New stores will become the company operating income and the main source of profit growth . The company opened new stores in general practice after 6 to 12 months to achieve break-even ,opened second years after the plateau effect reaches mature shop about 60%, are generally Prom dresses 2013 profitable short one shoulder prom dresses 2013 and can compensate for Cheap wedding dresses the loss of...

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Bicycles and summer go together, and kids of all ages will be heading out on new bikes this week.

Cycling Advocates Network spokesperson Patrick Morgan says a bicycle is always near the top of the Christmas wish list.

"This year is no different with TradeMe reporting bikes in the top searches."

"With new cycle trails now open all over New Zealand, it's going to be a biking hot summer."

For those lucky enough to find a bicycle at the foot of the Christmas tree, Cycling Advocates Network has some tips:

· Cycling is fun; having fun is more important than going...

December 20, 2012 Patrick READ MORE

December 2013 a couple of committee members reporting trouble in editing pages or attaching images, and since there are a few "issues" with some parts of the website not working 100%, they have wondered if their trouble is also due to a website fault. 

As a test, on ths page I will embed a small small low res version of a graphic for the CAN Do.and place a higher res version of it as an attachment.

Note this graphic is NOT going to be used. Barb Insull is a little bit wary of the low cut neckline on the dress. it is just that is is the first thing I thought of...

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New Zealand cycle safety received a significant financial boost this week through a $1.2million investment by the Road Safety Trust.

This monetary commitment is recognition of the quality of BikeNZ's and the Cycling Advocates' Network's (CAN) road safety programmes and will assist with the delivery of BikeNZ's Introduction to Road programme around New Zealand, over a three year period.

"This funding will enable us to deliver a whole lot of programmes and training to people who we otherwise would not have been able to assist. It will allow us to do more in terms of making the...

December 14, 2012 Patrick READ MORE

Making the Move - On-road Workshop
The Making the Move workshop is an intensive on-road (outside) session aimed at, those who are contemplating riding to work and want to increase their confidence cycling in traffic and those who want tips and advice on urban cycling.

Time: 90 minutes
Number of Participants: Maximum 6
Trainer: Patrick Morgan (or other CAN approved trainer)
Cost per session: $300 +gst (4 hours, 2.5 prep, 1.5 delivery) all materials

This session will give participants an opportunity to practise...

December 4, 2012 Patrick READ MORE

Gearing up - Seminar
The Gearing up seminar is aimed at the ‘Bike-curious'. It can be people who are not confident in traffic, those who are contemplating riding to work, those who cycle for leisure but don't cycle to work, and those contemplating buying a bike. Experienced cyclists are also welcome to share their knowledge and tips.

Time: 60 minutes
Number of Participants: Maximum 15
Trainer: Patrick Morgan (or other CAN approved trainer)
Cost per session: $250 +gst (This covers 2 hours preparation, 1 hour delivery and all materials)


December 4, 2012 Patrick READ MORE

News release from Cycle Aware Wellington,
4 December 2012

Roll On Wellington Awards reward the best of cycling

Cycle-friendly workplaces are winning awards from the Wellington cycling community, with Transpower, Inland Revenue and Statistics NZ among the best.

Cycle Aware Wellington presented the Roll On Wellington Awards on 4 December.

Spokesperson James Burgess says the awards showcase the best and brightest of cycling in Wellington.

"They're a great opportunity for the cycling community to show their support for the things they...

December 4, 2012 Patrick READ MORE


Cycle Action Waikato (CAWaikato) have 2 Fleetbikes to loan to Hamilton Businesses*

These fleetbikes will enable your staff to reduce their vehicle usage for short work-based trips.

They are great for getting to and from inner city meetings and, the bikes are
fitted with large waterproof saddlebags for carrying all the goodies you may need.

Your organisation could be the next to benefit! - REGISTER NOW...
Fill in the attached (Application of interest) form and email it to: -


November 26, 2012 Patrick READ MORE

April 13-14, 2013, Auckland.
Are you passionate about more people on bikes, more often? Join us in the heart of Auckland on 13-14 April for CAN's National Cycling Summit.


The weekend included CAN's AGM, workshops, training, rides, plenty of food and drink and a chance to catch up with fellow "CANners" from around New Zealand.

Evaluation report, 2 May 2013

More details about previous CAN Dos

Venue: Pioneer Womens' Hall, Cnr High St and Freyburg Place, Auckland CBD

CAN's Roles and Achievements


November 14, 2012 Patrick READ MORE

Full submission attached as pdf below.

Thank you for your email of 4 October 2012 inviting our organisation to present our views for the next stage of the Safer Journeys road safety strategy. We appreciate the opportunity to put forward our thoughts and welcome any further engagement in the development and implementation of the resulting Action Plan and initiatives.

This submission has been prepared by members of the Cycling Advocates' Network with expertise in road safety.

Covers: alcohol (lowering BAC to 0.05), safer speeds, speed enforcement, unsafe...

November 12, 2012 Patrick READ MORE