Cyclists urged to light up on dim mornings

Early morning cyclists need to make sure they are well lit, say cycling advocates.

"The start of daylight saving means more people on bikes, but some may be caught out by morning twilight," said Cycling Action Network spokesperson Patrick Morgan.

"Lights, reflectors and high-visibility riding gear make you easier to see," said Mr Morgan.

With popular events such as the Taupo Cycle Challenge just two months away, many people...

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Brake, the road safety charity, is encouraging all drivers to leave their cars at home and use alternative forms of transport on World Car Free Day.

Every year on 22 September, people from around the world choose to walk, cycle and use public transport for their journeys to show that there is a cleaner, greener alternative to getting into the car for every trip. 76% of trips less than 5km long are made by car, many of which could be made by foot, bike or public transport.

Air pollution is a threat to health, with around 300 premature deaths each year attributed to it...

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Share the road Blind Zone Workshops


People who cycle and people who drive trucks get to know one another: It is only when the drivers go for a ride, and when the cyclists jump up into the cab of a truck that they can understand each others position. Share the Road blind zone workshops show cyclists what it's like to be in the truck driver's seat.


We can tailor make a workshop format to suit your conference or seminar. These could include getting participants out on bikes, or may just involve exercises around a...

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There's a lot of interest in e-bikes. Keen to find out more?

For starters, try the guides from Wellington's Bicycle Junction
Consumer has an e-bike report behind their paywall, or check your local library. Or sign up to Consumer.
Simon Morton from RNZ looked into e-bikes in 2014
In Auckland, Mercury is offering deals and free have a go days
In Wellington you can try one out at Switched On Bikes at Queens Wharf.

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Cycling advocates say safe cycling routes are needed to head off the obesity epidemic.

New research from Auckland University researchers shows that three quarters of obese children are at greater risk of long-term heart disease.

CAN spokesman Patrick Morgan says that telling people what to eat or to exercise more won't solve the problem.

"Education alone can not work. We also need to redesign our physical environment to make physical activity easy."

He says the Government's $350 million investment in the Urban Cycleways...

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This question comes up from time to time: "Why bikes don't have wing mirrors fitted? Surely mirrors would warn of approaching cars?"

CAN's response
In New Zealand bicycles are required to have effective brakes, reflectors and at night, lights. Although mirrors can be useful in some situations, they are no substitute for looking over your shoulder and having a good look around. This also signals to other road users that you are planning to make a turn or change lanes. Mirrors can be useful, but the case for compulsion is weak.


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by Vanessa Davis

While these may be obvious, like stating an organisation’s mission at the beginning of a meeting, it can be a healthy reminder to stay focused on the task at hand.

1.     Meet people where they are, not where you want them to be.

All people in all stages of the shift have a place in the active transport effort.

I have a friend who wore button that read, “I woke up today.” Slightly infuriating as an attitude but honestly, this is where we all start.  That is all we can assume. At an instructor training for the Pedal...

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photo: Hauraki Rail Trail, near Paeroa

CAN's achievements, 1997-2023

Advocacy and Leadership

Made numerous high-quality submissions on legislation, strategies and policies affecting cyclists. These have led to many victories for cyclists.Made a crucial contribution to the establishment of Getting There, NZ's first Walking & Cycling Strategy and helped shape the implementation process.Raised awareness of cycling in the NZ Road Code.Contributed to the Code for Cycling.Regular representation of cyclists at meetings with key...

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I was stunned at the high numbers of cyclists in Berlin.  It’s certainly a different from the one I'm used to in New Zealand and Ireland.  Here’s a typical Berlin scene- Dad and his wee daughter, negotiating a huge and very busy intersection in Neukolln.  He does have an air of concentration about him, and a kids’ helmet dangling from his hand, but he seems to be happy to have her cycling independently- and she’s less than five I reckon.

Amazingly, Dad isn’t alone...  

All round Berlin we saw relaxed, carefree cycling providing transport for all ages, all genders, and...

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caption: Alastair Smith receives a Bike to the Future Award for Wellington's Ciclovia from Hon Simon Bridges

by Catherine Elliot
Lecturer and Active Living Researcher, Lincoln University

The hotel bike racks were jam-packed with bikes of every variety: cargo, commuter, touring, electric and folding. It was clear, the delegates of the 2016 2WALKandCYCLE Conference...

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CAN is the national voice for people on bicycles in New Zealand.  

We link local cycling action groups, partners and supporting organisations and people with a passion to:

Promote the benefits of cyclingImprove safetyEncourage the creation of great cycling environmentsIncrease the number of people on bikes


CAN collaborates with government, councils, businesses and individuals and we welcome your involvement. Be part of the journey with us.

Our policy statements are posted here.  ...

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Call for Vision Zero to be adopted for NZ to bring down road toll


With the number of road deaths currently increasing in New Zealand, a group of organisations has come together to call on Government and local authorities to adopt a Vision Zero approach to road safety – aiming for zero road deaths and injuries. The #VisionZeroNZ campaign was launched at the 2 Walk and Cycle conference recently held in Auckland. Vision Zero is an approach used in a growing number of countries and cities around the world and at its core is the principle that life and health can never be...

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Benefits of investing in cycling in New Zealand communities [PDF, 1.5 MB] provides information about the key benefits of investing in cycling, for councils, communities and individuals.

The benefits include:

more liveable towns and citiesimproved conditions for travelling within towns and citiesstronger local economiesreduced costs for councilsless impact on the environment, andhealthier and more productive people.

We also know that that providing cycling infrastructure responds to what a significant percentage of people say they want.

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NZ’s best of the best cycling projects honoured

Cycling projects across New Zealand were recognised at the Bike to the Future Awards in Auckland tonight.  Winners included a cycling junior football team, a power company and a rural school with a 60% commute-by-bike rate.



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Auckland hosted the national 2 Walk and Cycle Conference, 6-8 July.
Six people were invited to share their thoughts at the close of the conference.

Dougal List, NZTA: tell the "why story" - why we are investing in cycling. Collaborate, benchmark against high quality projects, celebrate the wins.

Ellen Blake, Living Streets Aotearoa: advocate for walkable compact cities, for everyone from 8 to 80s. NZTA, where are the targets, and  money for walking?

Jack Jiang, AECOM: Good to see...

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Media Advisory: Monday 4 July NZ’s best of the best cycling projects announced this week

The top contributions towards making New Zealand more cycle-friendly will be recognised at the Bike to the Future Awards in Auckland on Thursday.

The awards will be presented by Hon Simon Bridges, Minister of Transport at the 2WALKandCYCLE conference. More than 60 nominations have been received across six award categories:

Innovation Hub Award


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There's no doubt cycling is on the up. Along with walking It is an essential part of our transport networks. With more than a million and a half New Zealanders riding bikes, cities and towns are investing is cycling - for leisure, toursim and transport.
Join us in Auckland 6-8 July for the national walking and cycling conference.

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This is the first step towards improving our communications with our members and with everyone interested in CAN's goal to get more people on bikes, more often.

Our next step is to restructure and refresh the website content – Rome didn't get built in a day!

We would appreciate your help. If you find any issues on the website please email with a screenshot and short description of the problem. And if you know Drupal and are keen to volunteer to help on the CAN journey, our webmaster would love to hear from you!

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The trialling of mandatory minimum overtaking distances for motor vehicles overtaking cyclists was a key recommendation of the New Zealand Cycle Safety Panel in 2014.
CAN is represented on an Opus / NZTA advisory panel.

CAN says:

People on bikes often say close passing puts them off cycling NZ research will help ensure decisions on overtaking gaps are based on evidenceHaving a public conversation can help foster safer behaviourA rule on minimum overtaking gaps is not a magic fix, but is part of a package of measures to make cycling safer and more...

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Seeking New Zealand's best bike projects
The search is on for the best bike projects in New Zealand.

The Bike to the Future Awards are a joint initiative devised by the New Zealand Transport Agency and the Cycling Action Network (CAN), the national organisation promoting everyday cycling.

"We're delighted to see the quality of entries get better each year," said CAN spokesperson Patrick Morgan.

"With strong public demand and political support for investing in cycling, that's no surprise. Cycling delivers more transport choices,...

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