Less talk, more action needed on safer cycling
Cycling advocates are calling for action from the Hamilton City Council, following a serious crash today.Cycling Action Network spokesman Patrick Morgan says, "We need safer speeds, better road and intersection designs, and training for drivers and people on bikes."

He says the multi-lane roundabout crash site is unsafe, but there are few alternatives for cyclists heading to the CBD across Tristram St.

"Hamilton has a Biking Plan and some good cycle paths along ring roads, but the city centre needs fixing."

"Options include redesigning the roundabout for safer speeds, replacing it with traffic signals, or building a convenient alternative route for people on bikes."

"The complexity and speed of multi-lane roundabouts overload drivers, and mistakes are made. Redesigning the road geometry slows traffic down and makes decision making easier."

"Clearly Hamilton City Council isn't doing enough to protect people who ride bikes," said Mr Morgan.

"I understand it takes time build cycleways, so the Council needs to introduce safer speeds in the meantime."
4 November 2015
Photo source: Fairfax

Patrick Morgan
CAN - Cycling Action Network
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Release Date: 
Wednesday, 4 November, 2015