A project 114 years in the making

A project 114 years in the making
The NZ Transport Agency have confirmed a $35 million project to build a dedicated cycle and walkway from Petone to Ngauranga. After extensive consultation and research, the NZTA has decided to build the path on the seaward side of the railway line. This is a major link in the intended cycle and walking corridor from Wellington to Melling.

A dedicated cycleway from Wellington to the Hutt Valley was first mooted by Thomas Wilford, Hutt MP, in a bill introduced to Parliament in 1901. In his parliamentary speech, Wilford said that this idea was "unanimously agreed to by almost all the cyclists of Wellington". The member for Riccarton objected that "Many young men are abandoning the cycle and going back to the horse".

The Hutt Cycle Network is delighted this project is now coming to fruition. Spokesperson Dr David Tripp said "This will be a huge improvement for nearly four hundred cyclists that brave the current ride into Wellington each day".

"These new facilities will encourage many more people to take to their bikes. The current facilities discourage all but the most fearless cyclists. This should be an option for everyone".

"Cycling is great for health, great for our environment, cheap, and eases congestion for those still choosing to take a car. We're all winners", he said.

"The challenge now is for Wellington and Hutt councils, the regional council and the NZTA to continue working together to deliver all the respective components of the Wellington to Melling corridor. Here's a chance to create a first class and popular cycle route", he said.

The project now enters the detailed planning and consent process. Construction is expected to commence in 2019.

"Our only regret is that that's still a long way off. But what is 4 more years when you've been waiting 114?", said Dr Tripp.

Contact: David Tripp, 027 586 4626

NZ Transport Agency's announcement.