Bike to the Future presentation at Aurecon 20 Oct 2015

Bike to the Future
Biking is on the up.
The Government and councils are investing $350 million in cycling over the next three years.
The NZ Cycle Trails and mountain bike parks are attracting more people to hop on a bike.
Bikes outsell cars.
But it can still be scary to ride to work in busy traffic.
How can you stay safe? Where are the best places to ride? What kit do you need? Can you ride two abreast? What do those green boxes at traffic lights mean? What is a sharrow? Will cycling really make me fit and happy?
Join cycling instructors Marilyn Northcotte and Patrick Morgan as they take us Bike to the Future.

Intro from Derrick, Aurecon. H&S.
PM - 2 mins setting the scene. Visualisation exercise.

MN - 10 mins. Presentation is attached below.
- how to access Pedal Ready training
- overcoming barriers
- tips to make commuting easier, staying dry, locking your bike, dressing for the ride
- bike and kit shopping guide
- social riding groups: WORD, Joyride, Frocks on Bikes, shop rides, Ciclovia, Tweed Run, Folding Goldies

PM - 10 mins on
- Govt and Council investments in Auck, Wgtn, Chch
- places to ride: NZ cycle trails, bike parks, Makara Peak, recreation routes
- sharrows, bike advanced stop boxes, lights
- advocacy: Cycling Action Network
Bike 2050, SBN + Jack Jiang
- recommended books: Kennett Brothers guidebooks,
- online tools: Wellington cycling journey planner, Strava
Via Strada professional development training: planning and design for cycling

Patrick's slideshow

Q and A
Discussion included
- cycling on footpaths
- Bus Lane vs Bus Only
- use of green Advanced Stop Boxes - issues when cyclist going straight and vehicle turning left
- etiquette, use of bells on shared spaces

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