Another proposal from Living Streets. Do we like this idea?

A road that offers no exit for motorized through traffic is often referred to and signed as a dead-end road. However, when such a road continues as a road or path usable by pedestrians or cyclists, we call these "living end roads".

We started a project to correct the old and often misleading signage of living end streets, and developed a sticker that will be put on the current sign.

This project is launched by the Voetgangersbeweging (Pedestrians's movement in Belgium) in cooperation with the municipality of...

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Andy Smith from Living Streets wants to know if CAN would support a change to the give way rules.

In summary: drivers of turning vehicles should give way to pedestrians (and other non-vehiclar traffic) that are crossing the road the vehicle is turning into (ie adopt the Australian and UK rules).

In addition, they note that such a change in road user rules would:
• be consistent with current rules at traffic signals (drivers at traffic signals, including a
driver turning left or right, must give way to pedestrians lawfully crossing or about to
cross the road,...

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I received this from Karl Kane, from Massey Uni, Wellington. He's a capable man, with talented students, and understands CAN's mission. I'd like to take them up on this offer.

We could go big:
- how to get more people biking, more often
- how to convince central govt and councils to invest in cycling
- reposition cycling as an everyday, mainstream activity

or smaller:
- recruit and retain active CAN members
- design, market  and promote CAN's Workplace Bikeability programme
- design a cycling campaign

I'm going to meet him and would like...

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Bike riders in the northern hemisphere keep pedalling through snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures. With our comparatively mild winters, Australians have no excuse for giving up their wheels in cooler months. However, winter does bring new challenges, and riders need to adjust their style and equip themselves and their bikes to accommodate the cold weather, wet conditions and low visibility.

Beating the cold

When the temperature drops instinct tells us to rug up, but ironically, overheating is a common problem for winter riders.

If you feel cosy when...

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SEATTLE –  For many in Seattle, the image of a typical cyclist is a Spandex-clad, yellow-jacketed two-wheeled warrior who braves the steep streets of this city.

But as the city prepares to overhaul its five-year-old bike plan, some want to make the city safer and friendlier to those not so accustomed to navigating the streets on two wheels.

There's a new push to get "willing but wary" cyclists on their saddles with protected bike lanes buffered from traffic, designated bicycling boulevards where traffic is slowed and walkers and bikers have priority, and traffic...

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After six years living in London, New Zealanders Emma Philpott and Justin Hewitt decided to pack up everything and cycle back home.

Facing relentless rain, a string of punctures and dodgy suburban wild camping before they had even left England, they detoured into the Spanish mountains of Picos de Europa for some 'practice touring' before finally heading in the right direction. Covering much of the European-Asia landmass, they took a very indirect route down to Istanbul via Western Europe and the Balkans. After waiting out winter in Turkey, they headed for the vast flat roads of...

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I've been commuting to work by bicycle for more than 25 years; endless hours of stop/start riding on grimy roads pockmarked with deadly potholes. Not only is it a battle against the weather, but you're taking your chances with zoned-out pedestrians, aggressive minicabbers and myopic lorry drivers, too.

But that was the bad old days. The past few years have seen an explosion of urban cycling and the pastime is now basking in something of a golden moment.

And, perhaps inspired by the phenomenal successes of Bradley Wiggins, Victoria Pendleton and Mark Cavendish, the arrival of...

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It may have a way to go before it rivals Amsterdam but Plymouth has been named as the UK's most bike-friendly city. Big cycling cities like London and Cambridge, however, languished in towards the bottom of the list.

Researchers ranked the cities on a range of criteria, including the numbers bike thefts, accidents, cycle routes and bike-repair centres. Despite the best efforts of the "cycling Mayor", the City of London came out at number 50, with Greater London in 56th, partly fuelled by the prevalence of bicycle theft.

And Cambridge, where the wheels very quickly came off an...

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Visibility limitations make cycling at night particularly dangerous. We previously reported cyclists' perceptions of their own visibility at night and identified clothing configurations that made them feel visible. In this study we sought to determine whether these self-perceptions reflect actual visibility when wearing these clothing configurations. In a closed-road driving environment, cyclists wore black clothing, a fluorescent vest, a reflective vest, or a reflective vest plus ankle and knee reflectors. Drivers recognised more cyclists wearing the reflective vest plus reflectors (90%)...

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.Cycling Advocates' Network Winter Appeal (2012)

At CAN we're united by our love of cycling and all the benefits it brings: to our health, wallets, well-being, family and friends, community, and our environment.

CAN is committed to a broad vision:

To promote the benefits of everyday cycling: cost savings, better health, less congestion, cleaner air, reduced reliance on imported fuel, and a better quality of life.

More than ever, the tight economic environment opens the door to develop affordable, sustainable, and healthy transport...

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At the 2011 Oregon Governor's Conference on Tourism an entire workshop session focused on Bicycle Tourism. Oregon has long recognized bicycling - in all forms - as one of the state's great assets. Travel Oregon, the state's organization for planning, developing, and marketing travel to local, regional, domestic, and international visitors, currently markets Oregon cycling across the nation and abroad. The Oregon Bicycle Tourism Partnership, that Travel Oregon convenes, has been a statewide effort since 2003 and includes over 120 collaborating organizations and partners. Because the state...

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Andreas Rohl hails from Copenhagen, a city with 400 kilometres of bike lanes, foot rests for riders waiting at intersections, and a "highway" that whisks cyclists from the suburbs to downtown.

"I like to say we have no cyclists in Copenhagen," Mr. Rohl, manager of the City of Copenhagen's bicycle program, told about 200 people at the Ontario Bike Summit at the Hyatt Regency on King Street West on Tuesday. "We have citizens who use bikes to get from A to B."

Such non-confrontational lexicon could help lower the temperature of road battles in Toronto, he suggested, where "...

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There are always some people who aren’t very sympathetic to cycling. If they discover that you’re a cyclist (and rather like being one) you might find yourself having to defend any and every aspect of your transport choice, excellent as it is.

It's sometimes quite hard to come up with facts, figures and arguments on the spot, so we're hoping that our '10 Common Questions' with answers to each will help you. There are some questions that keep coming up time and time again, namely:

1. Cycling's dangerous, isn't it?
2. Wouldn’t wearing a helmet make...

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As our recently revamped website is now well established, we’re phasing out the Smartmovez website. The transport information you used to access through SmartMovez is being transferred to the NZTA website.

The new look Transport Data section features a simpler layout and more intuitive menu design. We plan to continue improving the data, reports and other tools that we provide. Watch this space for further updates on transport data.

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Journeys on the Whanganui are a collaboration of small businesses operating on and beside the Whanganui River.

The group has developed a range of packages available for those keen to experience New Zealand’s newest cycle trail, Mountains to Sea. These are available from individual operators or from their website


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Group's next meeting, 5.30 pm, Weds 4th April 2012.


Meet at the STOS cafeteria, Devon Street West at 5.30pm.


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This link courtesy Chrys Horn, Spokes Canterbury

The article is entitled 

The health risks and benefits of cycling in urban environments compared with car use: health impact assessment study

and can be found at:


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Cyclists need to make sure they are well lit as daylight saving ends, say the Cycling Advocates Network and Bike NZ.

"The end of daylight saving on Sunday means it's time for cyclists to check their lights and batteries," says CAN spokesperson Patrick Morgan.

"Some may be caught out by earlier evening twilight, so we all need to be extra careful."

"Lights, reflectors and high-visibility riding gear make you easier to see," says Mr Morgan.

"Cycling offers the ultimate trip: it's a fast and flexible way to get around, while improving your health at the same time."...

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Draft Long-Term Plan 2012-2022 is out for consultation

The Draft Long-Term Plan outlines the proposed services for New Plymouth District over the next 10 years, with the first three years in detail. It seeks to reflect what type of community you would like to live in and the things you would like to see made available for your community.

The Council would like your feedback on the Draft Long-Term Plan 2012-2022.

Submissions can be made by:


Completing the online submission form here.Completing the submission form at the back of the summary booklet or full draft plan, or...

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Link to an item on Placemaking for Communities blog:



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