CAN's Cycling Suits programme is great for businesses and organisations looking to promote healthy active behaviour among employees.


Cycling Suits offers three products which an organisation can use in any combination.

Gearing Up, a 60 minute in-house seminarMaking the Move, a 90 minute on-road workshopBecoming a Bike Friendly Employer, a consultation and advice service for employers

The Gearing Up and Making the Move sessions are designed for people who know how to ride a bike, but would like to start using their bikes to ride to work or to enhance their leisure riding. The...

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Last week for public consultation on the New Plymouth Central Area Urban Design


The public survey that can be completed online closes this Friday, 9th November.

The survey form can be reached here.

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CAN submitted recently on the LTM Amendment Bill 2012


The submission is attached.  

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 Fix your bike. Save money. Have fun.

 Auckland Tumeke Cycle Space

Whangarei, Whare Bike community bike workshop (corner Woods Road and Commerce St)

Hamilton Kids on Bikes

Turangi tbc

New Plymouth Bike kitchen

Palmerston North Green Bikes, 235 Main Street

Whanganui Green Bikes

Paekakariki  Bike Library c/- Jan Nisbet, St Peter's Hall

Porirua / Titahi Bay NZ Green Bikes Trust


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As well as our own workspace and website right here , there's a growing group of CAN people using facebook to share stories and ideas. You can find them here



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Transport: It's the economy, stupid
An article highlighting the economic nonsense of the Govt's current motorway-focused transport programme.
By Glen Koorey

In New Zealand, transport is a very hot topic in local government yet barely features at the national level. A number of mayoralties have been won and lost in the past on the back of controversial transport projects (road through Hagley Park, anyone?) but I have yet to see it become one of the defining issues in a general election.

It is ironic therefore that the majority of transport funding in...

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A cycling expert is calling on the Government to provide dedicated cycleways with curbing channels to protect cyclists from traffic.

Professor Simon Kingham from Canterbury University said there was a perception cycling was unsafe compared with other forms of transport, but the overall risk was actually lower when the health benefits of exercise were taken into account.

"The main barrier to people cycling is that they don't feel safe - it's absolutely clear and we've done some research in Christchurch on that about three years ago."

Dr Kingham said more people would cycle...

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CAN Do 2013 includes our AGM, workshops, training, rides, plenty of food and drink and a chance to catch up with fellow "CANners" from around New Zealand.

It is likely to be in Auckland in March or April.
Check again for more details.

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Cycling Advocates' Network appeal

Donate at

At CAN we're united by our love of cycling and all the benefits it brings: to our health, wallets, well-being, family and friends, community, and our environment.

CAN is committed to a broad vision:

To promote the benefits of everyday cycling: cost savings, better health, less congestion, cleaner air, reduced reliance on imported fuel, and a better quality of life.

By donating today you'll help ensure we have the staff and resources to achieve our vision. More...

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Join the discussion about how to make cycling part of the new Christchurch...

Cycling in Christchurch was launched at the end of May 2012 to promote, encourage and support cycling as a means of getting from A to B within the greater Christchurch area.




It joins the sister websites Cycling in Auckland and Cycling in Wellington, and all three websites form the Cyclopolitan group.

The aim of Cycling in Christchurch is twofold:

to grow the number of people using a bicycle to get from A...

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Who is The Friendly Cyclist?


Oh, well hullo there! How do you do?

Cycling is a convenient, quick and cheap way to get around Wellington. It frees up road & parking space, is non-polluting and has enormous health benefits.

Cycle Aware Wellington has made this stunning and informative series of cycling videos for you - the Wellington cyclist. We do hope you take a moment to view and enjoy the videos.

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Front room, Library Bar
Courtenay Place

1. Introductions

2. Western Corridor Plan (Thanks Phaedra and James!)

3. Adelaide, Riddiford, John St update

4. Windy Wheels

5. Roll on Wellington awards

6. Women's cycling fesitval 

7. Active Transport Forum 23 August. Does CAW want to put anything on the agenda?

8. Bikes on trains - GWRC to review policy?

9. 30-second raves

7pm - inaugural screening of the Friendly Cyclist videos

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The pockmarked streets of downtown Havana aren't very bike friendly, but that isn't stopping Felix Guirola from trying to ride into the record books.

The 48-year-old Cuban said he's built an 18-foot-high bike - taller than a one-story building - and has asked Guinness World Records to recognize his feat.

Franklin Reyes/AP Felix Guirola welds a piece for his home-made bike. Guirola has been riding tall since 1983, when seeing a tandem bike inspired him to build up instead of out.

"I've never been much of a cyclist, but I really like riding tall bikes," Guirola told the...

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Re: Review of Cycling Deaths in Ontario

We were pleased to hear that you will lead a review of cycling deaths in Ontario. We are a team of researchers in the fields of public health, emergency medicine, neurosurgery, law, engineering and transportation. We have been conducting a study of cycling injuries in Toronto and Vancouver, and believe that we may be able to contribute some useful insights for your review.

Much of the research on cycling injuries in North America has focused on helmets or the specific manoeuvres of cyclists and drivers. We chose to...

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In approximately 1975, the then Christchurch City Council, in conjunction with the National Roads Board, marked a cycle lane up to the intersection limit lines on the Kilmarnock Street approach to the Deans/Kilmarnock intersection in Christchurch.  In 1978 the Ministry of Transport produced a draft standard for the design of cycle facilities. The draft was approved by the National Roads Board for a trial that was conducted by the Traffic Committee of the Road Research Unit, in 1980.

The trial involved an investigation into the operating and attitude effects of mid-block cycle lane...

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How many people ride bikes in NZ?
What age, gender, ethnicity are they?
How does that compare to other activities?
Are they rich or poor?

Answers can be found at Sport and Recreation Profile: Cycling
Findings from the 2007/08 Active New Zealand Survey

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Deadlines: Main articles by 22 August

Local group reports and advertising by 31 August

Who What How many words Pics Draft received Sent it to editor Final Copy receivedGraeme Editorial 390  No No     Kevin Hague Parliamentary cycling group          Alex MacMillan Her research          David Hawke Chch school bike track 400 Yes Yes Yes  Michelle Rush Trip to Germany 500 Yes  No      Safe Kids?            Melbourne?          commitee/ stephen
 membership/recruitment article
         committee and patrick
 marketing the...

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April 18, 2012 - NTPP Update: A Bold Experiment in Four Communities



·         4 Communities were given $25 million per community! 4 years ago (no matter size)

·         Most $ went into infrastructure (89%)

·        ...

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. Report to go to NZTA for the Safer Cycling Programme


Attached is the report as issued to NZTA Thursday 19th July.


The BikeNZ report that has been submitted to NZTA is also attached.

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