Confused as to what is CAN? 

CAN is everything inside the orange box.

The double-headed arrows show the major relationships between the various components of the network and some of their stakeholders.

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OECD Report a Recipe for Cycling, say Advocates.

Advocates for better cycling facilities gave an unusual welcome to the recent OECD report, which called for action on two problems New Zealand faces- traffic congestion and obesity.

Release of the report from the international body, primarily concerned with promoting economic growth, was welcomed by national network body, Cycling Advocates’...

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CAN's undergoing a communications review

Cycling-mad communications consultancy Upshift, based in Tasman, are helping CAN re-assess our communications and branding.



You may have seen or filled out our survey in late summer, asking how you think we're doing with communicating to local groups, individuals and the public at large.


Upshift were the guys responsible, and are now pulling together all the lessons...

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getting a late start on this, currently in Rotorua on Fire sercice course 3-7 June, but trying to do stuff on CL after hours


Sent to Miriam?
 Alistair article on e-bikes
 yes, JR
 draft road and cycleway policy yes sent LH
 CAN Do report
 yes sent LH
 6 ok res
  Richard/Lyneke post-CAN Do ride - west coast
 yes yes, JR

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An opinion piece from CAN aired in Stuff last week:

The spectacle on our news-feeds of spats between two angry men- one holding a bicycle, one yelling from a car, is commonplace in this age of GoPro cameras, and media hungry for sensation.  Despite resulting in no injury beyond insulted pride -not even a scratched bumper or buckled spoke- a recent row between a cyclist and SUV driver in Roehampton, England has had over 170,000 views on various media.  

Makes you wonder how many road-rage incidents between van and car drivers, or truck and motorbike drivers, occurred in the same...

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Cycling advocates today welcomed the funding set aside for cycling projects, while bemoaning its small proportion relative to overall transport funding.

Land Transport Plan projects, Roads of National Significance and increased rail spending attracted the lion’s share of today’s Transport appropriations, totalling $6.379 billion, but spending on cycling is growing: the first $45 million of a $100 million total has been set aside for the Government’s Urban Cycleway Programme.


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Cycling advocates are today criticising the Government's response to the recent spate of traffic deaths. Umbrella group Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) expressed regret that expert advice on speed limits is being brushed aside by a Government uninterested in providing a fit-for-purpose transport system.


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Some facts and figures in support of investment in cycling-

The Urban Cycleway Programme offers a 2 to 1 deal for Councils.  Roughly speaking, for every dollar you raise, the Land Transport Fund can provide a dollar, and the UCP another.There's a huge pent-up demand to swap short car trips for cycling.  Parts of Wellington have experienced almost 90% increases in cycle commuting in recent years (Statistics NZ).  New cycling facilities rapidly attract new users (Monsere et al, 2014, NITC)After the quakes, Christchurch's Share an Idea survey gathered overwhelming support for a cycling and...

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Cyclists urged to light up now Matariki is upon us

Cyclists need to make sure they are well lit through the winter months, says the Cycling Advocates' Network.

"The onset of the wintry weather and shorter days means it's time for cyclists to check their lights and...

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A PDF is attached of Professor Simon Kingham's keynote address, 28 March 2015

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2015 CAN AGM: Chairman's Report

1. What CAN does
Broadly speaking:

Advocating behind the scenes with politicians, public servants and stakeholder groups.Providing a consistent and informed media presence that presents the societal and personal benefits of cycling and the needs of people on bikes.Supporting local groups in their advocacy (although the relative importance of this role has dropped since the 2013 CAN Do in Auckland).

All of these activities aim to "get more people on bikes, more often".

2. Three...

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 caption: Wellington Ciclovia 2015 


Key responsibilities

 Work undertaken


Co-deliver along with designated CAN Committee members, the political engagement plans with the strategic direction determined in conjunction with the hired consultant. 

Refer quarterly Performance Reports. Meeting held with Associate Minister Craig Foss 19/3, and Labour transport spokesman Phil Twyford will be 26/3. Conservation Minister Maggie Barry responded: suggests CAN meets DoC first, maybe meet her later in the year....

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Join the movement - come to CAN Do
in Christchurch 28-29 March
Are you passionate about more people on bikes, more often? Join us in Christchurch for CAN's National Cycling Summit, the CAN Do.

2015 is a big year for making New Zealand a better place to ride a bike. With $100m of new investment for urban cycling from the Government, ambitious plans from Councils, and flourishing bike culture, we're on our way.

Join us at CAN Do to connect, learn, ride, and play your part.

Dates: 28-29 March, 2015; start Saturday morning &...

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Do you love to ride? Share the love.

Love to Ride is a new online platform that makes it fun and easy to encourage your friends and colleagues to ride. From 6 to 31 March, Love to Ride is running a new team-based challenge where people form teams, encourage people to ride and win great prizes.
Love to Ride is an ideal follow-on from February's Bike Wise Month.

Please see below for a little more about Love to Ride. You can also check out the Love to Ride NZ website.

We want to let as many people know about the...

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Wellington bike party

Update: a record 1400 people were at Wellington's Go By Bike Day. Great weather and booming popularity were the reasons.

Life is better by bike, is the message at this year's annual bike party on Go By Bike Day, 11 February.

"Biking is booming in Wellington," says Cycle Aware Wellington chairman James Burgess. "Since 2006 the number of people commuting by bikes has doubled. New figures from WCC show that for the first time in decades bikes are 10 percent of traffic in some suburbs."

He says people are rediscovering the...

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"We applaud Simon Bridges' leadership on investing in cycling. If he can get these projects delivered, he will be the best Minister of Transport that cycling has ever had."

"We call on Councils to respond to his leadership, and match his commitment to high-quality urban cycling networks."

"Getting more people on bikes reduces pressure on the road, bus and rail networks, cuts pollution, and improves life for everyone, whether or not they cycle themselves."

Patrick Morgan, CAN - Cycling Advocates Network
Tel 027-563-4733027-563-4733, twitter: @...

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The cities we want: towards sustainable urban transport
(Monday, 2 February 2015)

Presentation "Successful advocacy" available on request to,nz

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The original article on "Digital Chainlinks - some attributes" was posted back in July 2014.

What follows is a tentative take on how a typical article might look with embedded links etc. It is essentially written in the same style that I would use for a hard-copy Chainlinks. Do we need to change this? Comments VERY Welcome! I've tweaked the first paragraph in response to a suggestion from Alastair

Meeting the challenge posed to cycling by ongoing urban sprawl 

Recent high level planning documents for Christchurch and Auckland continue to propose...

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Attached are notes for organisers of Go By Bike / Bike to Work Day.

These are somewhat dated (2002) but the process is a good one all the same. Technology and Social media undoubtedly make promotion a lot easier.

Source: marilyn Northcotte - many thanks.

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The NZTA Cycle Friendly Awards 2014Winners Gold handed out for NZ's top walking and cycling champions


Gold medal Olympian cyclist Sarah Ulmer and Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade Brown tonight recognised New Zealand's top champions for walking and cycling, when the winners of the national walking and cycling awards were announced at the 2WALKandCYCLE 2014 Conference in Nelson.


Awards coordinator Dirk de Lu says the Awards celebrate and recognise New Zealand achievements for better walking and cycling by acknowledging innovative new facilities, highlighting national best...

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