Council elections in September and October present a once in three years opportunity to achieve more bike-friendly cities and towns.


How you can help:


Check your enrolment at

Vote for candidates who support the transport policies you want

Raise transport and cycling issues at candidates' meetings, send letters to editors, to Facebook or post online

Invite candidates to a meeting and ask about their priorities

Invite them on a ride for a first-hand look at cycling issues

Make a banner, sign, or Facebook image


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Theme: The role of cycling in community building

4-6 April, 2014, Whanganui.
Start Friday evening, wrap up Sunday at lunchtime
Venue: Quaker Settlement 76 Virginia Road
Accommodation options here.

Register for the CAN Do online here.

For a bed in the bunkroom contact Lyneke.
If you prefer a campsite or motel unit, book direct with Heather tel (06) 347 7409(06) 347 7409. Call in the afternoon.

Are you passionate about more people on bikes, more often? Join us in Whanganui for CAN's National Cycling Summit...

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Which candidates love bikes? 

We worked with the lovecycling campaign to send some bikey questions to the candidates for October's local elections. Here are the questions, and the answers they gave. The answers are in this order:

mayoral candidatescandidates for the WCC wardscandidates for the GWRC electorates.

Within each section, the candidates are in alphabetical order by name. The different roles have a different link to cycling policy and spending, and you'll see that reflected in their answers.


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Mon, 9 September 2013


The next section of the Hauraki Rail Trail is nearly complete!

Join us to celebrate this milestone as we official open the new section on:

Saturday 28 September 2013

10:30 Cyclist Registration at Goldfields Railway - Consols St., Waihi
11:00 Official Opening Ceremony
11:20 8km Public ride Waihi to Waikino
12:00 Opening Day Gala at Victoria Battery Site - Waikino
2:00 Ceremony & Prize Giving
Click here for further information

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Council elections in September and October present a once-in-3-years opportunity to achieve more bike-friendly cities and towns.

How you can help
1. Check your enrolment at
2. Vote for candidates who support the transport policies you want
3. If you attend candidates' meetings, send letters to editors, facebook or post online, then raise transport and cycling as issues.
4. Invite candidates to your next meeting. What are their priorities?
5. Invite candidates on a bike ride to get a first-hand look at cycling issues.
6. Download the...

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Speed Limits Bylaw Review
Submission to Palmerston North City Council

24 July 2013 to

We seek the following decision from the Palmerston North City Council:
Set permanent 30 km/h speed limits outside schools.
Alternatively, if the national speed management plan changes, set part-time 30 km/h speed limits.

1 Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback on the Speed Limits Bylaw Review.

2 This submission has been prepared by members of the Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN).

About CAN...

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Is our love affair with the car waning?

Peak car (also peak car use or peak travel) is a hypothesis that motor vehicle distance traveled per capita (expressed as VKT vehicle kilometres traveled per person), predominantly by car, has peaked in at least eight major developed countries.

There are two variants of the hypothesis, one (sometimes called 'saturation' or 'plateau') that having reached a peak, car use per head will continue at about the same level indefinitely into the future, the other that after peaking car use may in...

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Review of studies that have quantified the economic benefits of interventions to increase walking and
cycling for transport

Dec 2012, from Canterbury DHB

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As a form of transport, the bike is hard to beat. It is non-polluting, human powered, takes up little space and is often the quickest form of transport for journeys of less than 5 km, especially around towns and cities.

Beyond simply getting from ‘A' to ‘B', cycling can be a wonderful leisure-time activity and offers excellent health benefits for relatively little cost.

Whether you are into cycling to work or school, for leisure or for fitness, the information below can help make cycling more fun and effective for you and your whānau.

More at

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This page will store the submissions provided by CAN and other groups or individuals to the National Inquest into Cycling Deaths, presided over by Cr Gordon Matenga between 2011-13

(note that some of these submissions refer only to one/some of the cases being investigated)

Link to final review report by the Coroner (Nov 2013)

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Complete Streets
streets for everyone

Island Bay - CBD cycle route: briefing to Newtown Residents Assoc
17 June 2013

What's your favourite parts of Wellington?
Harbour, parks, Cuba St, Lambton Quay, Riddiford St during Newtown Festival

Fvourite cities?
Venice, Paris, Las Vegas - make a point about what makes these favourites - easy to walk, lots of people, lively streets

WCC has $2 million + for this project
See it as a win-win-win, with many benefits, such as...

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CAN's Roles and Achievements
May 2013

Leadership (Advocacy)



NZ Transport Agency dedicated Walking & Cycling Fund.

Getting There, NZ's first Walking & Cycling Strategy

Getting There National Advisory and Working Groups NZ Supplement to Austroads 14 - design guide for NZ cycle facilities.

Bike Wise - helped secure the future and increased funding.


NZ Road Code - Awareness of cycling included.

NZ Cycle Trails

Consideration of health benefits in the...

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By Amanda Witherell

The Government's plan to construct Roads of National Significance is a decade too late, according to a talk given by Todd Litman, a transport policy expert visiting Wellington from Victoria, Canada.

As part of the Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Centre's seminar series in May, Litman said car use has peaked.

"It's time to employ a new urban planning model - one that favours accessibility over mobility - in order to meet increased consumer demand for walking, cycling and public transport," he said.

"During the 20th...

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Writing Letters to the Editor

Basic four sentence structure:

1 State the argument that you're responding to
Is it a particular article?
What prompted you to write this?

2 State your position

3 Provide Evidence

4 Provide a Solution - say what should be done

Good to infuse wit and personality into letter -however not a must: most of the letters to the editor in the Dom Post are fairly dry.
Good to start off with a slightly more emotion-based appeal, and then end with a fact-based solution

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If you build it, they will come: Capacity crowd at Wellington's cycling forum
By Amanda Witherell

The capital's first public forum on cycling drew 180 people off their bikes and into Wellington City Council chambers, overflowing capacity. Sporting cycle shorts beneath her mayoral robes, Celia Wade-Brown addressed the crowd. "We compare ourselves to Copenhagen and Portland, but we're not doing really well with cycling. Wellington is now the most dangerous place in New Zealand to ride," she said. "We want to know your priorities. We will act on them. We...

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Many thanks to everyone who provided their thoughts and comments on the CAN Do 2013.

This report provides an overview of feedback from the CAN Do 2013, which was held at the Pioneer Women's Hall in Auckland on the 13-14 April.

CAN Do 2013 was the biggest that we have held, with 68 people registering to attend. We received feedback from 37 attendees, a respectable 54%. Of those of you that responded, 35% attended on just the Saturday and 65% attended both days.

Speakers and Format

Most of you welcomed the range and variety of speakers. Jonathan Daly...

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Want better cycling in Wellington?
Do you love to ride but don't want to mix with busy traffic? Want more bike lanes?

Thanks to everyone who turned out at the WCC Cycling Forum on 1 May.
Last week we got news that Wellington had slipped form third worst to absolute worst for cycling crashes in NZ. What a disgrace. Clearly we need to lift our game, and the current spending of $1.3 million is failing to deliver safer cycling.
Please take 5-10 minutes to make a formal submission to WCC by Thursday 16 May. It's an effective way to...

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* Please note change of DAY - Monday, May 6

Library Bar, 6-7:30pm

Debrief on WCC Cycling ForumMystery guest speakersSubmission time!Submission on Seaview Rd speed limit reductionWCC annual planDo we want to do  a Winter Solistice Bike ride, as ChCh are doing?Cycle lights campaign with police - schedule and extra CAW materialAGM Matters - electing new committee, membership, financial and annual reports. Rants and Raves


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