Cycling to Paris: ‘Climate Journey' to U.N. Conference

Morgan Curtis '14 says the idea of biking to COP21, the United Nations Climate Change Conference that takes place in Paris this November came to her as she sat by a woodstove this past winter.
After graduating from Dartmouth, Curtis was teaching at the Chewonki Semester School in Maine, which offers experiential environmental education to high school juniors. She was committed to grassroots climate advocacy and to the power of story telling, and wondered how she could combine her passions and call attention...

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Location Local group
Kamo route                                           


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CAN is New Zealand's national network of cycling advocates.
We work with government, local authorities, businesses and the community on behalf of cyclists, for a better cycling environment.

The Cycling Action Network (CAN) was formed in 1997 as New Zealand's national network of cycling advocate groups. It is a voice for everyday cyclists - recreational, commuter and touring. In 2015 we changed our name from Cycling Advocates' Network to Cycling Action Network. This decision is subject to ratification at CAN's 2016 AGM, in March.

CAN's new logo and...

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A project 114 years in the making
The NZ Transport Agency have confirmed a $35 million project to build a dedicated cycle and walkway from Petone to Ngauranga. After extensive consultation and research, the NZTA has decided to build the path on the seaward side of the railway line. This is a major link in the intended cycle and walking corridor from Wellington to Melling.

A dedicated cycleway from Wellington to the Hutt Valley was first mooted by Thomas Wilford, Hutt MP, in a bill introduced to Parliament in 1901. In his parliamentary speech, Wilford...

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Less talk, more action needed on safer cycling
Cycling advocates are calling for action from the Hamilton City Council, following a serious crash today.Cycling Action Network spokesman Patrick Morgan says, "We need safer speeds, better road and intersection designs, and training for drivers and people on bikes."

He says the multi-lane roundabout crash site is unsafe, but there are few alternatives for cyclists heading to the CBD across Tristram St.

"Hamilton has a Biking Plan and some good cycle paths along ring roads, but the city centre needs fixing."...

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Refresh your body and mind: take part in Conservation Week by getting into nature, 1-8 November 2015. The theme is Healthy Nature Healthy People.DOC and its partners are hosting events in beautiful New Zealand landscapes, making it easy for you to head along and discover new places.

There will be lots of activities and competitions for you and your family to take part in. Whether it's a treasure hunt in your region or an interactive virtual game, you're sure to have some fun.

Nature is everywhere. It has the power to not only invigorate, refresh, and amaze you...

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Bike to the Future
Biking is on the up.
The Government and councils are investing $350 million in cycling over the next three years.
The NZ Cycle Trails and mountain bike parks are attracting more people to hop on a bike.
Bikes outsell cars.
But it can still be scary to ride to work in busy traffic.
How can you stay safe? Where are the best places to ride? What kit do you need? Can you ride two abreast? What do those green boxes at traffic lights mean? What is a sharrow? Will cycling really make me fit and happy?
Join cycling instructors...

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Is it time for Vision Zero?
Sadly there has been increasing carnage on our roads in recent times which has kept the road toll steadily rising. As of yesterday morning, for the year to date we've had 35 more deaths compared to the same time last year. With the road toll up currently by over 16% then if the current trend continues then 2015 will be the worst year for 5 years.

The carnage continued yesterday with two serious incidents, one in which a schoolboy was killed after his motorcycle collided with a car and in the second a 14 year old girl was hit and is in...

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Dutch cyclists have longer lives say researchers.

"Every hour you ride adds an hour to your life."

11 October 2015

Researchers at the University of Utrecht say that Dutch cyclists live longer than people who do not use a bike.

They say the evidence proves that cycling is not just good for your health but adds an average of six months to life expectancy.

People in the Netherlands cycle an average of 74 minutes per week.


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CAN Slogan 'More People...'Hi all, here are-

- Graphics versions of the new logo;

- Branding guidelines from design consultants Upshift.


.CAN logo 2015

CAN logo+slogan 2015

CAN_Logo_Strap_220px in PNG format


CAN_Logo_Strap_White_220px in PNG format

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24 September 2015

New faces at CAN

We are delighted to announce the CAN Committee has been strengthened with two new members, Christine Rigby and Jo Mackay.

As the Government and Councils step up their investment in cycling, we have much to do.
Welcome aboard.

Introducing Christine Rigby
A Florida flamingo now nesting in Auckland after a trip through Asia, Christine has resumed her bike commuting and multi-moding around the city.

"I am amazed at the dichotomy of the booming bike infrastructure...

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Cyclists urged to light up on dim mornings

Early morning cyclists need to make sure they are well lit, say cycling advocates.

"The start of daylight saving on Sunday means more people on bikes, but some may be caught out by morning twilight," said Cycling Advocates Network spokesperson Patrick Morgan.

"Lights, reflectors and high-visibility riding gear make you easier to see."

With popular events such as the Taupo Cycle Challenge just two months away, many people will be making the most of longer evenings to pile on the miles....

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The industrial age of energy and transportation will be over by 2030. Maybe before. Exponentially improving technologies such as solar, electric vehicles, and autonomous (self-driving) cars will disrupt and sweep away the energy and transportation industries as we know it. The same Silicon Valley ecosystem that created bit-based technologies that have disrupted atom-based industries is now creating bit- and electron-based technologies that will disrupt atom-based energy industries.

Clean Disruption projections (based on technology cost curves, business model innovation as well as...

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Cycling Advocates' Network supports the Council's proposal
to improve pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety in Wellington suburbs by lowering speed limits.

We would like the Council to consider the following points.

1. Lower speeds reduce both the likelihood and severity of crashes.

2. Cycling Advocates' Network runs Being Cycle Aware workshops with Wellington region bus and truck drivers ( It is a half-day facilitated road safety workshop, which gives participants an understanding of the issues that people...

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Got a chip on your shoulder? 

Or a ‘works end thank you’ sign blocking your shoulder? Contractors doing road repairs follow the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management. The Code sets out where to put signs, temporary speed limits, cones and guarding around road works. It does ask contractors to look after cyclists’ interests but, too often, cyclists using shoulders get pushed out into the live traffic lane to share with motor...

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That is a very good question....would you believe there is a very broad range of people that buy electric bikes these days.
Commuters - People looking to use electric bikes to commute to and from work are quite a popular group of customers. These customers will generally live within 30 - 40 kms of their workplace and will commute on their electric bike 3-5 times per week. There are many advantages I have been told; you can get to work quicker as you avoid the traffic jams, you do not need a shower when you get to work as you generally do not raise a...

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Around the Network

News snippets & photos around who’s doing what, from Whangarei to Dunedin



Bike!Whangarei centres round the passionate Paul Doherty.  Paul runs a cycle touring business and is deeply involved in community and environmental projects.  Recent actions include detailed consultation with Council to maximise the usefulness of Te Matau a Pohe coastal path and, through Whangarei Cycle Commuters group, running Frocks and Fashionable Fellows on Bikes rides. UCP project- Northbound 6.5km off-road Kamo...

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Meeting Minister for the Environment

CAN arranged a cordial meeting with the Minister for the Environment Dr. Nick Smith, last Saturday August 1st.

John-Paul Pochin of Bicycle Nelson Bays came with CAN, and we expressed support for the Government’s Urban Cycleway programme and for the new direction of NZTA. Dr. Smith wondered about cyclists’ financial contribution to roading costs. CAN and BNB presented the case for the huge healthcare cost benefits of cycling.


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'B' is for Bicycle?  Yeah, nah

A white 'B' symbol, as a traffic light, normally relates to buses.  If you're cycling in a bus lane that allows bikes, it means you can proceed.  If you're NOT in that lane it doesn't apply to you.  

So 'B' careful - if you see a white 'B', and you're not in the bus lane, or there's a red traffic light applying to your lane, or a red 'bike' symbol, think twice before proceeding!

Worth being clear on this, since Councils often plan for buses and bikes to be in close proximity, and the...

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NZ’s principal cycling group CAN are today hailing NZTA’s ‘new approach’ to transport planning.

The NZTA’s three-yearly Statement of Intent document was published yesterday* to a broad welcome from cycling advocates. The SoI highlights safer, more attractive urban cycling as one of its six key priorities, and emphasises the integration of different modes of transport. Additionally, it sets out to add another 10 million cycling trips in the three...

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