Safer trucks and better intersection designs are needed to reduce risk, say cycling advocates.

Following the sentencing of truck driver David Peter Connell who killed two cyclists, the Cycling Action Network has called on the Government to take action on safer trucks.

"The Cycling Safety Panel called for safer trucks in its 2014 report, but we have yet to see the Government take effective action," said CAN spokesman Patrick Morgan.

"Why does New Zealand have such low standards for safety features such as mirrors, proximity sensors and blind spot cameras? Why are protective side underrun panels not required, as they are in Europe?"

He said that intersection designs also need to be fixed.

At the crash site, traffic signals gave both the cyclist, who was going straight, and the turning truck driver a green light.

"Education for all road users is part of the answer, but we also need to fix intersections and adopt better truck safety features," said Mr Morgan.

CAN has run workshops aimed at educating cyclists and heavy vehicle drivers for more than a decade.

CAN's Share the Road programme aims to reduce risk from trucks. Here's our advice

Key Messages to Drivers

Driving behind a cyclist? Leave plenty of space.

Cyclists ride further out from the kerb and parked cars because it's safer.

When you pass a cyclist, leave a buffer of space between you.

 Key Messages to Cyclists

Keep control of your bike and the situation.

Ride to be seen and predictable.

Choose safe routes.

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Release Date: 
Wednesday, 12 October, 2016