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The Government Policy Statement on Land Transport sets the Government's policy direction on transport. It's revised every three years.

Minister of Transport Phil Twyford and Associate Ministers Julie-Anne Genter (below) and Shane Jones have a positive vision for transport.: a vision that puts at its centre a reduction of our dependence on private cars, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and improvements to public health. CAN supported their draft Policy Statement and many many friends of CAN followed our submission guide to support the draft GPS.

Here you can view the draft GPS itself with supporting documents, and here are two articles that do a good job of summarising why the draft GPS is worth supporting:

Associate Minister for Transport, JulieAnne Genter


CAN felt the approach needed caution around mode neutrality, further reductions to state highway expenditure, a stronger environmental focus among other minor concerns.

The Ministers and officials plan to release the final Statement by 30 June. Thanks to all of you who made submissions by the consultation deadline of May 2nd.