Better cycling infrastructure, slower speeds and driver education are common themes from the responses to CAN’s cycling safety survey in February.

Key concerns from more than 1100 people were a lack of safe cycle routes, drivers not being prepared to share the road, and cars passing too close.

To make Government and local councils act on your concerns we need your help to launch a national petition: Safe cycling for everyone – no more people on bikes killed on NZ roadsPLEASE DONATE to help promote and get thousands to sign so that the changes you want are high on the Road Safety Summit agenda.

The changes people on bikes need to feel safe are:

National level: better cycle infrastructure – including a 1.5m hard shoulder on all main roads, safe routes to school, better driver education, and a legal minimum overtaking distance.
Local roads: cycle lanes, coloured cycle paths on wide pavements and 30kph speed limits
Shopping areas: more bike parking and roads closed to traffic except buses and cycles.
Intersections: bike lights to give cyclists a head start, separate cycle lanes and priority given to cyclists and walkers
Major urban roads: separate cycle lanes.

CAN’s survey was filled in by 1,133 people. Half of the respondents are aged 30–49 years and another third are 50–65 years old. A big 71% are regular cyclists, on our bikes 3-7 times a week and another 15% of us cycle 1-2 times a week.

Check out the survey results in graphs and an Excel spreadsheet of local issues by city / town.

“Now we need to make sure the Government and local councils listen and act,” says Jill Ford, CAN’s dynamic volunteer who is leading the survey and petition.

To do this, next week, CAN will be launching a national petition – ‘Safe cycling for everyone’ – no more people on bikes killed on NZ roads’. The petition will ask for these changes to be addressed at the Road Safety Summit on 9 April, where Government Ministers will meet with council heads and roading authorities.

“The more people who sign it, the more powerful our voice,” says Jill.  “We’re seeking your help. Please donate now to help make this petition HUGE!”

Release Date: 
Thursday, 8 March, 2018
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