CAN Project Manager Patrick Morgan is swapping an office chair for a bike saddle for the next month. Starting on 10 February, he's riding the 3,000 km Tour Aotearoa from Cape Reinga to Bluff.. 

'You might be surprised how sedentary my work can be.' he says. 'Although I love what I do for CAN, there's a lot of keyboard bashing, phone calls and meetings. I can't wait to start the ride.' 

More than 600 people will line up for Tour Aotearoa, starting in six waves over a 2-week period. It's not a race. Riders have up to 30 days to reach Bluff, following cycle trails, quiet roads and a few highways. They must carry all their own gear. Patrick's goals are to complete the event and to raise $20,000 for CAN. Patrick will carry a Spot Tracker device, which enables people to follow his progress in real time at the MAProgress site

CAN works hard to improve cycling. We advocate for safety, for more cycleways, and to get more kids on bikes. When we succeed, we get healthier people, more fun, and better cities. Our new Government means amazing new opportunities to make progress on safe and attractive biking. To be effective, CAN depends on the generosity of people who support what we do.

Patrick says thanks to all who have offered him support: encouragement, gear, repairs, advice, offers of accommodation and generous donations to CAN, 'Please show your support for better cycling in New Zealand, by helping me raise funds for CAN. You can donate at CAN's Givealittle page.

'Every dollar you give goes to making our streets safer and more attractive for cycling. Thanks!'


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Release Date: 
Thursday, 25 January, 2018