Bike Auckland Welcomes ATAP 2 Announcement  

Bike Auckland celebrates today’s Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP) 2 announcement by Mayor Phil Goff and Minister of Transport Phil Twyford that will increase the walking and cycling budget to $900 million over 10 years.

‘The huge news is the government getting Skypath off the ground after years of Aucklanders crying out for that missing link across the harbour, which will be an iconic addition to our skyline and will become a must-do experience for visitors to the city.’  says Bike Auckland chair and spokesperson Barb Cuthbert.

‘Just as significantly, we will see connected-up cycleways advancing across the city, from west to east and north to south, giving Aucklanders the genuine option of biking for transport, to work, school, shops, sports, and for fun and health. These links are vitally important for our growing city.’

‘ATAP’s boost for cycling is a smart response to the growing demand. Every year, kids are learning to bike in their thousands but have nowhere to do so on a daily basis. Safer routes to schools will let families travel confidently around their neighbourhoods as well as delivering a ‘school holiday effect’ on the roads every week of the year,’ says Bike Auckland chair and spokesperson Barb Cuthbert.

Cuthbert adds the new ATAP will reduce congestion and transport poverty across Auckland by making the city much more multimodal. For example, light rail will connect people in Māngere and Mt Roskill with jobs and opportunities, and adding bikeable and walkable links to local stations and large hubs will make it easier for many more Aucklanders to access the expanding PT network without a car, especially in communities that currently have a dearth of transport choice.

About Bike Auckland

Bike Auckland is the  non-profit organisation working for a better city for people on bikes. We advocate for a bikeable city, advise on best quality world-class bike facilities, and activate our neighbourhoods by getting more Aucklanders on bikes.

Release Date: 
Thursday, 26 April, 2018