CAN Project Manager's report 24 March 2015

 caption: Wellington Ciclovia 2015 


Key responsibilities

 Work undertaken


Co-deliver along with designated CAN Committee members, the political engagement plans with the strategic direction determined in conjunction with the hired consultant. 

Refer quarterly Performance Reports. Meeting held with Associate Minister Craig Foss 19/3, and Labour transport spokesman Phil Twyford will be 26/3. Conservation Minister Maggie Barry responded: suggests CAN meets DoC first, maybe meet her later in the year.


Co-ordinate and expand the delivery of CAN's voice and messages in the national and local media. 

Ongoing media and social media work e.g fed ideas into Along for the Ride, tv1 Saturdays
Cycle touring in NZ - give us space
Go By Bike Day Wellington
Did an interview with Newstalk ZB about this


Provide content for the CAN's website and Facebook page. 

Ongoing. Upshift is running a Communications Audit and survey. Report due?


Increase the membership of CAN's information networks. 

CAN has 723 Fb members on 24/3 (520 on 12 Oct)


Maintain regular face to face, phone and email contact with each Local Group. 

See summary


Co-ordinate and expand the effective contribution of CAN members and groups to the organisation's activities. 

CAN Do 28-29 March


Improve communication between the CAN Committee, local user groups and individual members. 

CAN Do 28-29 March, 23 people expected.
Chainlinks March issue is ready


Report monthly to CAN's Committee and to provide other reports and updates as required. 

This report 


Assist local groups through the preparation and provision of resources, assistance with strategic planning, and the running of training workshops. 

Ongoing, CAN Do


Assist in the preparation of strategies for on-going development of CAN's networks and for other projects deliverable by CAN and its groups. 



Monitor contracts for particular work undertaken for CAN. 

Member of NZTA parking research steering group. Work now complete.
Delivered an 8 hour paid contract for Greater Wellington Regional Council, folding bike ride 22/3