chainlinks planning page for June 2015 issue

getting a late start on this, currently in Rotorua on Fire sercice course 3-7 June, but trying to do stuff on CL after hours


Sent to Miriam?
 Alistair article on e-bikes
 yes, JR
 draft road and cycleway policy yes sent LH
 CAN Do report
 yes sent LH
 6 ok res
 Richard/Lyneke post-CAN Do ride - west coast
 yes yes, JR
low res?
 Stephen pre-CAN Do riding
 Stephen using roads
yes JR
 David book review
 yes sent LH
 cover image
 David internatonadviocacy resources
 yes sent LH
richardRUWyesyes JR yes 
willurban cycleway, retro ride, PMyesyes JR  
Lynn Skapiti updateyesyes JR yes yes
Tom Hhutt updateyes yes, JR
alastairCAW updateyes