NZTA's new Statement of Intent is a historic step

NZTA’s ‘new approach’ to transport planning

NZ’s principal cycling group CAN are today hailing NZTA’s ‘new approach’ to transport planning*.

The NZTA’s three-yearly Statement of Intent document was published yesterday to a broad welcome from cycling advocates. The SoI highlights safer, more attractive urban cycling as one of its six key priorities, and emphasises the integration of different modes of transport.  

This is a new approach and a major step forward for Kiwi cyclists. The Statement sets out to add another 10 million cycling trips in the three main cities by 2019, which is the first time NZ has set specific and ambitious goals to grow cycling.  We reckon this is a historic step in the right direction.

As we know cycling improves our health, reduces road congestion and offers awesome returns on investment*.  It’s great news whether you ride a bike or not.  With returns of up to 8 to 1 compared to 0.9 to 1 for some motorway projects, there’s strong public support for spending on cycling from the 1.5 million New Zealanders who ride bikes.

CAN recently commended both the NZTA and Transport Minister Simon Bridges for earmarking up to $333 million for urban cycleways*. 

Other policies in the Statement-

  • Predictable journey times for urban customers;
  • Linking land-use with transport, which greatly reduces transport demand and spend;
  • Bigger, 50-tonne trucks, meaning that separation between freight and cyclists -whether by HGV management plans or by physical means- becomes more important.

* Notes-