The new Board will have Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, three Regional Members and one or two Independent Members.

The Executive will have three members doing the day-to-day work of running CAN, plus, for the 2017-18 year, a fourth member managing the re-structure.


The various jobs and duties are set out in CAN's new Rules (PDF) which will come into effect at the AGM on March 26th 2017.  The open roles are as follows; links are to pages with more information on each position-

  1. Chair
  2. Treasurer
  3. Secretary
  4. Independent board members, but these are to be co-opted by the board directly after it's constituted at the AGM
  5. 3 members of Executive Team
  6. Regional Members, but these will be appointed by the local Group whose turn it is to have a Board place

Each role on the Board will be put to a vote of all CAN's members at the AGM.  Once appointed, the Board will consider nominations to the Executive, and decide who would be best for those positions. 

Please email your nominations to at least three days before CAN's AGM (planned for Wellington on March 26th 2017).  State which role you're nominating for, and include a brief statement about the person you're nominating (could be yourself) with a summary of relevant information - experience, skills, personal attributes - that would help other members assess whom to vote for.  This could be a paragraph of 400 words, or a full CV.  All nominations will be treated in strict confidence.  Just email with any queries or comments.

And here's a diagram of CAN's structure, from 2017 onwards-


CAN Structure Diagram