Two wheels rule on Go By Bike
21 February 2008

Pedal power will rule this Wednesday (27 February) as Kiwis of all ages, shapes and sizes hit the streets on two wheels to celebrate national Go By Bike Day.
Those who give cycling a go on Wednesday will be rewarded with free breakfasts and entertainment in 49 centres from Whangarei to Dunedin.
Go By Bike Day events are being organised around the country by councils, sports trusts, cycle groups and other organisations as part of national Bike Wise Week (23 February to 2 March). Bike Wise Week is a nationwide campaign...

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14 August 2008 - "Bobbies on Bikes" is a new initiative to promote cycle safety and use of alternative means of transport. This is a joint project with Nelson City Council and local Police utilizing funding from the NZ Transport Agency. Four bikes have been purchased and training has been provided for police staff.

Road Safety Co-ordinator Margaret Parfitt says, "Nelson City has a high number of cyclists and a roading and cycle network designed for growing numbers of commuter and recreational cyclists. However in Nelson and Tasman cyclists have traditionally been over represented in...

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An article entitled "Woman badly hurt in cycle crash" was featured on the front page of the Manawatu Standard (Friday, August 15, 2008).

A comment from Cycle Aware Manawatu member, Dr Christine Cheyne, entitled "Motorists must be vigilant".

Cycle Aware Manawatu want to work toward improving safety for cyclists through improved driver awareness and encouraging the addition of full cycle lanes to city streets, or appropriate and safe roading...

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This is the text of the article about a series of interesting things that we want to communicate to the public.

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Just Another test

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This week the Minister of Transport, Annette King announced that the NZ Transport Strategy’s (NZTS) combined target for walking and cycling is 30% of all trips in urban areas by 2040, almost double the present figure.  To help meet this target, the budget for walking and cycling will more than double over the next ten years. 

‘The updated NZTS indicates a real culture shift’, says Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) spokesperson Stephen McKernon. ‘It recognises that,

cycling, walking and public transport are keys to improving transport reliability improving access to stations by...

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Walkers call on more cash to be spent on footpaths
5:00AM Tuesday August 05, 2008
By Mathew Dearnaley
Delegates at a national walking conference in Auckland are calling for a heftier share of infrastructure spending, after being told by Transport Minister Annette King that pedestrians are good for the economy.
Ms King, who arrived at the Waipuna Conference Centre on foot yesterday morning, said new Government research revealed health benefits of $1 a kilometre for pedestrians and 50c...

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Safer Roads Newtown & Berhampore Status: Consultation closed 14 July 2008. Next Steps:

Monitor upcoming projects to review detailed designs.

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Patrick Morgan and Alastair Smith met with Opus, who are carrying out a post-implementation review of the Wellington Inner City Bypass cycle path. I've attached a summary of the issues that we presented, and a map of the area with notes of some specific points.

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SIMON EDWARDS - Hutt News | Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A two cycles per unit restriction has "undone" any benefits from scrapping the $4 charge for taking a bike on Wellington's commuter trains, says Cycle Aware Wellington (CAW).

"It's worse now than it was," CAW's Claire Pascoe told Greater Wellington Regional Council's transport and access committee last Wednesday.

In a bid to make it easier for recreational cyclists and those starting/ending their commute to work on two wheels, GWRC made it free to put up to...

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Great Harbour WaySIMON EDWARDS - Hutt News | Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Cycle activated electronic warning signs are being considered for narrow sections of State Highway Two between Ngauranga and Petone.

Transit New Zealand regional manager Graham Taylor says the variable messages warning drivers there are cyclists ahead are activated when cyclists ride over loops on the side of the road.

Calls from cyclists and environmentalists for better safety for those on two wheels have intensified since...

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By NEIL DUDDY - Eastern Courier | Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Motorists need to take extra care for cyclists in winter.

There have been several bike crashes in the eastern region in recent months resulting in injuries to cyclists.

The incidents have mainly been due to motorists not seeing cyclists and turning across their path.

Former national road safety policing manager superintendent Steve Fitzgerald was killed in a roundabout crash while cycling home from work on June 19 in Wellington...

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The Marlborough Express | Monday, 21 July 2008

The Marlborough District Council is moving to put cycle lanes along two arterial routes into the centre of Blenheim, along Redwood St and Maxwell Rd, writes The Marlborough Express in an editorial.

The lanes will see the loss of more than 500 parking spaces.

With one fell swoop the council has both encouraged cycling and discouraged driving.

Cycle lanes are at the tamer end of what a council can do to promote cycling.

If this town had...

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Cycle Safety Petition & Campaign

Please pass this message on to anyone who might be interested in it.

For many Kiwis the distressing deaths of two cyclists in the Wellington region on Friday 19 June have highlighted the need for New Zealand's roads to be made safer for people already cycling or wanting to take it up.

There are Government strategies and programmes to promote cycling and cycle safety, but we haven't seen many changes on the street yet.
The Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) is...

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Memorial Ride
Over 300 Wellington cyclists gathered at Parliament on the 26th June for a memorial ride along the Hutt Road to Petone, as a mark of respect for the two riders killed in the Hutt on 19th June. All who went found this a moving and productive ride. Though CAN didn’t use this event as an opportunity to recruit new members, it clearly has raised the vital issue of cyclists’ safety, as well as general cycling issues: cyclists want action. The atmosphere at the monthly CAW meeting of July 1st was almost volatile, and there were many new faces there, and several new members...

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Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) are petitioning the Ministers of Transport, Police and Road Safety to urgently implement proposed plans to make cycling safer. Its petition includes a 9-point plan for improving cycle safety.

The petition is prompted by the recent deaths in Wellington of Des Eyre and Steve Fitzgerald.

Spokesperson Stephen McKernon says, 'cyclists in the Wellington area have advocated for decades to improve the roads on which these cyclists died. Their deaths highlight the urgency of improving road safety for cyclists'.

McKernon says, 'the Government...

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Check out

Bloody good show, Simon.

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Covers induced traffic, congestion, public transport and transport policy.

Why not cycleways?

It has been an interesting week in the world of New Zealand transport. Firstly, we have the government launching Kiwirail. The day after we hear that peak traffic has gone down by 20% in Wellington, we assume as a result of the recent rises in fuel price. We know that in Christchurch bus patronage is up and anecdotal evidence suggests a decrease in traffic volumes and an increase in cycling. From the perspective of a sustainable transport system, the future is looking...

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Cyclist fatalities show need for better infrastructure and motorist behaviour

After two cyclists were killed yesterday, the national organisation for everyday cyclists is calling for urgent improvements in roading design and motorist behaviour.

Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) chairperson Robert Ibell said that the deaths of two cyclists in the Wellington region show that central and local government are not moving fast enough to make roads safer for cycling.

A car door carelessly opened into the path of a 61 year old cyclist in Upper Hutt...

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