Attached is the Squeaky Wheel submission to the Timaru District Council draft Annual Plan 08/09.

Ron Paulin and Jon Harris will be speaking to this submission at 10am next Tuesday (June 10) in the TDC Chambers. Ten minutes has been allocated for their oral submission. If you have time to go along and support the Squeaky Wheel's submission (in your morning tea break!) it will help show the support in Timaru for further improving the quality of the Timaru cycling experience.

Good Luck Ron and Jon.



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Squeaky Wheel monthly meeting 5.30pm next Tuesday (3 June) at Community House

(27 Strathallan Street)

To add agenda items please use the "edit" function or "post a new comment"

Agenda Brainstorm a wish list- look at list of Projects TDC has updated recently. See attached. Also comments gathered in process of drafting Squeaky Wheel submission. What projects do Squeaky Wheel see as priorities for the rest of 08?

See you there!


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The Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) says it has never been more urgent for government and business to invest in cycling.

As petrol crosses the $2 mark more people are looking for alternatives to driving.

Cycling Advocates Network spokesperson Stephen McKernon says the government's "Getting There - on foot, by cycle" strategy is an excellent foundation, but local councils need to shift up a gear.

“We urge councils to meet the demand for safe and convenient...

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Ron is sorting out the draft Squeaky Wheel submission for posting to here for Timaru Core to read and comment on. The submission is due Monday next week.

Ron is away from Friday so there is only a brief opportunity to make changes as Ron will be sending it in on Friday. Ron has also agreed to speak to the submission which is likely to be on June 10.

If you click on 11 subscribers to the left of this page you will see who are subscribers to Timaru Core.

Looking forward to people's comments once the draft is up for viewing.

We need to sort...

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While the provision of additional parking in the CBD can be understood to be encouraging cars into the central city, Timaru is the major centre in a large rural area, so provision needs to be made for those visiting town from the hinterland. However, the mindset of driving right to the door of each address/business visited needs to be discouraged.

Suggestions : parking should be handy, but not too handy (e.g. Caroline Bay) with enhanced walking and cycling access to the CBD Provision of a small-scale, regular, (environmentally-friendly) shuttle service between...

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Here are some simple instructions for creating content on this website.


I'll go through the items that you see below the box in which you type text. The 'Body' itself has a simple editor module. It is important that you don't paste text that comes from Microsoft Word straight into the box.

Paste from Word

Click on the icon, paste the text into it, and go from there (the facility strips all the superfluous markup that comes with Microsoft products, so that the website receives the text only).

Disable rich-text


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Right, this should be up and running. 9 members of Squeaky Wheel belong to the core group and have thus the ability to create content on this website. Other subscribers are Fiona Whero and Axel Wilke from Christchurch in an administrative role.

You can create articles, calendar events, newsletters etc. I have posted some simple instructions for this. Have a snoopy around these pages and enjoy.

Kind regards,

Axel Wilke

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Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) chairperson Robert Ibell said "We're pleased to see a strong focus on education, including changes to driver training, and a continued emphasis on speed reduction. However, the Government has backed away from important safety measures like banning cellphone use while driving, lowering the blood alcohol limit, and reducing motor vehicle numbers."

"Cyclists are particularly vulnerable when drivers are distracted by their cellphones. Every cyclist has stories of 'near misses' with cars or trucks, and for some people those incidents are enough to put...

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This is a distinct teaser.

This is the article body.

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The Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) announces the launch of a media guide to cycling in New Zealand. The one-page guide is designed to give media a brief, factual overview of cycling to help ensure accurate reporting.

There are a number of myths and misperceptions of cycling, and unfortunately media often relay these unintentionally - see Cycling Facts and Fiction.

CAN’s view is that cycling is popular, safe, responsible and contributes actively to community well-being. We realise this is a pro-cycling view, but we also do our best to be well-informed. So we invite the media to...

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Biking to Work is good for you:

better health - regular exercise brings major health benefits (cycling 7 km a day reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%; regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equivalent to being 10 years younger) save time - cycling can be the fastest & most predictable way to work - no traffic jams or timetables save money - no parking fees, low running costs convenient - no parking hassles, combines exercise with getting to work

Biking to Work is good for the environment:

the bike is energy and space efficient the bike is non-polluting

Biking to...

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Testing - should be part of CAN group.

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This is a test Article with as many different things to style as possible. test test test test test test test [img_assist|nid=22|title=Square Wheels|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=100] test test test test test

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Three provisional policies have been up on the CAN website ( for review and public comment since October last year. They are: Compulsory Third Party Insurance
Health and Fitness
Speed Tolerance Reduction
 The closing date for comments is the 29th February. Please send any comments to the CAN policy co-ordinator, Graeme Lindup (email: In March the policies will go through a final review process in the light of any comments received and once adopted by the CAN exec, will be posted up on the CAN website as CAN policy. They will undergo an...

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This year, Bike Wise Week will run from Saturday 23 February to Sunday 2 March 2008.

The nationwide campaign, managed by Land Transport New Zealand, with the support of the Ministry of Health, aims to encourage cycling for both transport and recreation.

Bike Wise Week is comprised of three main events:

Go By Bike Day (Wed 27 February)
Mayoral Challenge (Sats/Suns Sat 16 Feb to Sun 2 March)
Bike Wise Battle (Mon 18 February to Sun 2 March)
 For more information, go to .

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