Draft Cycle Network Infrastructure Upgrade Sunday Ride

NPDC's Draft Cycle Network Infrastructure Upgrade document is comprehensive. To help look at the content, 2 of us went for a ride on Sunday 21st Sept to look at what is proposed for Eliot Street, Coronation Avenue and Mangorei Road. We also looked at the the various works on Mangorei Road subsequent to the audit undertaken last year by one of our members.

Eliot Street:
  • From Leach St to Rogan St: Ranked #23rd. The improvements recommended are; Set back the kerb on the west side south of Leach St; Set back the kerb from Pendarves St to Cameron St; Recess the bus stop on the east side between Cameron St and Rogan St; Mark cycle lanes green at major conflict points; Mark cycle lanes south of Leach St.

There appears to be a bus stop north of Pendarves St on the east side that needs to be set back too if used. Cycle lanes need to be continuous from Leach St through to those on the hill leading up to Boys High.

Coronation Avenue:

  • From Rogan St to Maranui St: Ranked #17th. The improvements recommended are; Remove parking on the western side of Coronation Av; Construct two recessed bus bays; Reconfigure pavement marking.
Parking should be restricted at all time on the western side. Cycle lanes need to be marked on both sides. Looks like there should be 3 bus bays set back, not two.
  • From Maranui St to Welbourne Terrace: Ranked #14th. The improvements recommended are; Narrow flush median over full length to 1.8 m; Narrow traffic lanes to 3.0 m; Mark 1.8 m cycle lanes; Mark cycle lanes green at Cumberland St and where Coronation Avenue veers to right off SH3.

Off-road cycle path just past Welbourne Terrace not well sign posted. How those going into town who come off this path get across Coronation Avenue to the cycle lane on the west side is not clear. How do the school children get across to go to Welbourne and to Highlands Intermediate? Install a new pedestrian crossing on the south side of the Coronation Avenue/SH3intersection? The pinch point as cyclists coming into town on SH3 caused by the southern extent of kerbing needs to be sorted with NZTA.

We then headed back down Coronation Avenue and then went down Cumberland Steet to get to Mangorei Road: