Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) welcomes its new executive team for the coming year

At the AGM on 4 October 2008, Glen Koorey and Axel Wilke were elected as co-chairs to replace Robert Ibell, chair for the last three years.

"We are very thankful for Robert's fantastic leadership over the last three years, and are glad that he has made himself available to continue on the executive", Wilke says.

Adrian Croucher and Liz Mikkelsen were confirmed as secretary and treasurer, respectively. Last year’s executive members Andrew Macbeth, Jane Dawson, Robert Ibell, Gaz Sanvicens and Graeme Lindup will also continue. Christine Cheyne and Bevan Woodward were welcomed back after a break, while Anne Fitzsimon is new to the executive.

Stephen McKernon and Illona Keenan retired from the executive. "We sincerely thank Stephen and Illona for their input and dedication over recent years", Koorey says.

Wilke and Koorey welcome all executive members to their role, and look forward to working with them over the next 12 months.

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Please also refer to the media release co-opting two additional members onto the CAN Executive.

Release Date: 
Sunday, 5 October, 2008