development quality convenience ring is listed

One is the synergism .The data shows ,red Chain Corporation stores in the past 3 years grew 60% ,total 427 new stores opened wholesale bridal dress bag ,the annual number of 142 new stores .New stores will become the company operating income and the main source of profit growth . The company opened new stores in general practice after 6 to 12 months to achieve break-even ,opened second years after the plateau effect reaches mature shop about 60%, are generally Prom dresses 2013 profitable short one shoulder prom dresses 2013 and can compensate for Cheap wedding dresses the loss of party dresses business after first years ,after third years of Ping Cheap Wedding dresses effect reaches mature stores more than 70%, usually in 2013 Wedding dresses the opening 3 years later could reach maturity shop ping . Two is the strength .Red chain according to the prospectus ,and Wedding dresses cheap at the Cheap prom dress end of 6 the company has opened 1211 stores, including a convenience supermarket 1203 ( store have the area of 200 square meters ) ,8 medium-sized supermarkets ,operating a total area of 273200 square meters ,is widely distributed in Chengdu City and the surrounding cities and counties ,become close to the most gowns and wedding consumer goods Evening dresses 2013 retail and convenience service platform . One of the last 191 new stores opened ,the first half of this year, 102 new stores opened .The company is currently operating the goods are food ,tobacco ,daily three categories ,nearly 15000 items ,long-term cooperation of suppliers 700 . The company has three Replica rolex large-scale logistics distribution center ,has belongs to the shop for 1 weeks from 2 to 3 ,reaching 150 km radius distribution distribution capacity .Three is the brand . Market survey ,Hongqi chain after many years of operation ,formed a civilian Richard Mille replica ,benefit ,quality assurance brand image .2002 trademark by the State Administration of industry and Commerce Administration Trademark Office approved the registration, in recent years has Red Homecoming dresses been rated as the famous Wedding dress 2013 trademark in Chengdu ,Sichuan Province famous brand, a Cheap prom dresses well-known Cheap wedding dresses trademark in china . Recently announced the first batch of Sichuan service davids bridal wedding dresses industry enterprise 50 strong list, Hongqi chain list ,ranked twelfth .With the successful listing, Hongqi chain in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone stores resources will be more outstanding . Service-oriented development quality convenience ring is listed as the first convenience supermarket chain enterprises, how to carry Homecoming dresses 2013 out nearly a thousand red chain stores development plan ?576 new stores in Chengdu ,Chengdu community shops development will bring about what kind of impact? Not long ago ,McKinsey new released the 2012 annual China Consumer Research Report shows ,with the continuous improvement of people ,Chinese consumer behavior and mode more and more close to the consumers in rich countries . At the same time a new mainstream Replica watches consumer group is on the rise, they pay more attention to personal enjoyment and loyal to their favorite brand .In the next 10 years at the beginning of the many belonging to the smass consumer groups ,consumers will enter a new mainstream consumer group class .