News: February 2009


Hi Everyone, Got an Idea or A Wish List for our Walking or Cycling Tracks in and around Petone and KoroKoro? The connection from the Beach at Korokoro gateway over the Motorway to Belmont Regional Park is a major submission we’ll be making and need support with. Now is the time to speak up and submit any of your ideas too. < strong>You're invited to hear Kelly Crandle from Parks and Reserves speak on 'Making Tracks' Tuesday 10th February 2009, Petone Service Centre, Britannia St, Petone. 8pm. strong> Kelly Crandle has agreed to come and talk to us about how best to go about putting in submissions. < strong> Please RSVP by FRIDAY 6th 2009 to strong>Tui Lewis <>< strong> strong> Can’t make it? Got an idea you want to share? - email us and we’ll make sure it gets heard. < strong>PS strong> The more the council hears...

February 5, 2009

This is something CAN can add to its merchandise.  

February 4, 2009