Beautiful Bikes/Mamachari Working Bee Sat May 22

Hello beautiful bikers,

The next shipment is fast approaching! Despite our best efforts, we have many people waiting for bikes and the warehouse is still not ready for 200 more bikes. If anyone can lend me a hand fixing bikes we will be having a final working bee on Saturday 22nd May, from 10am till 4pm. If you are able... to help, I would be most grateful. Lunch and refreshments provided.

240 The Esplanade, Island Bay

Electric Bikes get a Boost at NPDC

Alternative transport is getting a boost at New Plymouth District Council with the purchase of more electric bikes.

The Council has had two retro-fitted bikes available for staff use at the Civic Centre for more than a year, but now they are being replaced with five purpose-built electric cycles.

The new bikes will be based at the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre, Puke Ariki and the Civic Centre.

“We encourage staff to use these bikes for work-related journeys around town, instead of taking a car,” says Manager Procurement Murray Keast.

Randy Cohen: Should Cars be Allowed in NYC's Central Park? (Video)

A few years back, Randy Cohen, writer of the NY Times Magazine "The Ethicist" column, visited the Streetfilms set for a unprecedented interview with Mark Gorton about "Transportation Ethics.".  Well we wanted to talk more, so this time we got out of the studio to take a two-wheeled jaunt around New York City and visit many of his favorite spots and take in the alfresco enchantment of the capital of the

Cycle training “more important than helmets”, says IAM poll (UK)

Cycle training would have a more positive impact on cycle safety than the compulsory wearing of cycle helmets, according to an IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) survey.

The online poll of over 6,000 IAM members and non-members found that only 1 per cent of respondents supported the compulsory wearing of cycle helmets.

The further introduction of cycle lanes would make the biggest difference to cyclists, according to respondents to the poll.

Riding around London on the new cycle hire bike

Scrambling down the stairs, looking for a clean pair of jeans it dawned on me. I am going to be late to yet another meeting! TfL had contacted me last Friday to see if I wanted to test the new cycle hire scheme bike. I was happy to oblige but with a pending trip to Argentina in three days I was finding myself even less organised than usual. As I powered my way through London to get to Victoria Street and the TfL press offices I pondered how many people had tried out the bike. I must be in the first few. Also, what would the bike be like? Fast, slow, comfortable, cumbersome?

7 mistakes you are making with your cycling and how you can correct them

The vast majority of cyclists are frequently making these errors on the roads. Anyone who recognises and corrects their errors can cycle more safely, confidently and efficiently. Up until last week I was regularly making these mistakes too. However, a 2 hour course I completed last Thursday, by the highly recommended Cycle Training UK, completely changed my cycling technique. Here are the mistakes commonly made and how they can be corrected.

1. Riding where cars can’t see you