Short cycle ride may prevent pre-menopausal weight gain

Increased bicycle riding and brisk walking may be the secret for preventing weight gain, women have been told.

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that cycling or a brisk walk was associated with less weight among pre-menopausal women, particularly those who were already overweight or obese.

The US study calculated that about two-thirds of American adults were overweight or obese, while 16 per cent of children and adolescents were overweight and a further 34 per cent were at risk.

St John Ambulance to use bicycles at Devon incidents

A cycle response unit has been set up by the Devon branch of St John Ambulance to reach isolated incidents.

The cycling team will respond to incidents at locations where casualties would be hard to reach by ambulance.

The bikes will also be used at events like the Devon County Show to transport medical care through crowds.

Medical equipment, including minor treatment kits, has been fitted to the bikes.

'Saving lives'

Is Cycling's Critical Mass in Critical Condition?

In Madrid last week, up to 3,000 cyclists slowed traffic to a grind in a few of the car-clogged central arteries of the capital city, but according to this blog, riders "made friends with drivers and pedestrians." Meanwhile, In Los Angeles, a Streetsblog report and YouTube clip shows at least one bike rider during a Critical Mass last week purposefully kicked or tripped by police standing by.